Wolfgang Leather Care Guide

Wolfgang Leather Care Guide

Leather surfaces in a car, such as seats, dashboards, paneling, and more are a definite upgrade from upholstery, but they do require some special care. If not properly cared for, these leather surfaces can start to fade, discolor, and even crack. It’s important to use specially-formulated product specifically designed to clean, condition, and detail leather.

We have a huge selection of leather products here at Autogeek, but this guide will focus on two of our bestsellers – the Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner and Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner.

The orange leather in the this Rolls-Royce Dawn looks clean, but once you see the 50/50 shot below, you’ll see it’s actually pretty dirty and in need of some attention!

Leather door panel before leather treatment.

To show the before and after results, we’ve taped off a portion of the door panel, but you won’t normally need to do any taping. Spray Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner directly onto the surface and agitate using a microfiber towel or specialized brush – we used the Speed Master Interior Scrub Brush. Depending on the level of contamination, multiple applications may be necessary.

Spraying Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner onto door panel. Scrubbing surface with Speed Master Interior Scrub Brush.


Once the surface is cleaned, wipe it dry using a clean microfiber towel.

Now you’re ready to condition! Apply a line of Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner onto a microfiber applicator and wipe onto the leather surface using a circular motion. Allow a few minutes for the conditioner to penetrate before buffing away any excess product using a microfiber towel.

Applying Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner onto a microfiber applicator pad. Applying Wolfgang Leather Care Condition onto leather surface.


Remember that seemingly clean leather panel up above? Check out this 50/50 shot that shows just how dirty it was! The treated portion not only looks cleaner, but more nourished with a sleek, satin finish.

50/50 shot of leather panel showing difference between treated and untreated surface.

Maintaining your leather surfaces is the key to making them last as long as possible – and it doesn’t have to be a long or drawn out process! The Wolfgang Leather Care Products, as you saw above, need just 2 steps to get your leather cleaned and conditioned.