DP Hydro Wet Seal Application Guide by Andre

DP Hydro Wet Seal Application Guide by Andre

Water beading on surface after being treated with DP Hydro Wet Seal.

Why DP Hydro Wet Seal is the EASIEST WAY to Protect your Car's Paint

When it comes to protecting your vehicles paint, there are many options on the market. Most paint protectants fall into these categories: Waxes, Paint Sealants, and Ceramic Coatings. The issue with these 3 categories is that they can be somewhat time consuming. Waxes and polymer paint sealants are time consuming because you have to apply them, wait for them to haze up, and then come back and wipe them off. Ceramic Coatings on the other hand take an extremely long time to apply because there is so much prep work involved (wash, iron removal, clay bar, paint correction, paint prep, and then ceramic coating). In this detailing article, we are going to explain why and how DP Hydro Wet Seal can protect your entire car in literally a few minutes.

What is DP Hydro Wet Seal?

DP Hydro Wet Seal technically falls into the ceramic coating category. It's a "silica dioxide" (also known as SiO2) based product which is similar to what's found in ceramic coatings. Once you have a ceramic coating installed on your vehicle, the best way to maintain the ceramic coating is with these "SiO2" style toppers and boosters.

There are two ways to apply these booster/toppers. There is the traditional "dry application" which is when you are done washing and drying your ceramic coated vehicle, you simply mist on some SiO2 Spray Sealant onto the clean, dry surface and buff it off with dry microfiber towels. This is a bit faster than applying liquid waxes and polymer paint sealants, however, you still have to spray on and wipe off the product around the whole car, which can take a good amount of time.

The way to apply is the "wet application" style, like how you would use DP hydro Wet Seal. This “wet application" is super simple to do while you wash your car. Not only does it protect your paint with SiO2 protection for upwards of several months, but it only takes a few seconds to do. In fact, it's not uncommon for SiO2 to protect upwards of 3-4 months or longer. The benefits of using an SiO2 based protectant such as DP Hydro Wet Seal are as follows – it is more hydrophobic than waxes or sealants, provides excellent UV protection, can be used as a standalone product or as a maintenance product for ceramic coatings, super easy to apply, and creates a lot of gloss and shine!

How to use DP Hydro Wet Seal?

To use the DP Hydro Wet Seal, the first thing you'd want to do is a normal car wash. This “wet application" SiO2 product is applied to a wet surface, but that surface does need to be cleaned first. It needs to be washed to remove all the loose dirt and debris. DP Hydro Wet Seal is almost always used after a normal car wash.

  Rinse car after wash & leave wet.  


Once you have rinsed off the car shampoo and the vehicle is still wet, that's when you start using the DP Hydro Wet Seal, rather than drying the car right away. To use, you will spray one wet panel at a time with a light mist of the DP Hydro Wet Seal and rinse it off fully with a strong jet of water - THAT'S IT! The panel is now sealed with SiO2 protection. The strong jet of water is what activates the protection of the DP Hydro Wet Seal. Now, it will immediately start to bead up water and sheet off the vehicle. You can use a regular garden hose to provide the strong jet of water as long as it has good water pressure. You can also use a pressure washer which would work even better.

Spray on DP Hydro Wet Seal. Rinse with strong blast of water.


So now that you know how the application is as simple as spraying the DP Hydro Wet Seal onto a wet panel and rinsing it with a strong jet of water, you can go around the car in a matter of MINUTES! Mist the wet panel, blast with water, and DONE! It takes maybe 10-15 seconds per panel to lightly mist and rinse off. This is why DP Hydro Wet Seal is the EASIEST WAY TO PROTECT YOUR CAR'S PAINT! During your normal car wash regime, you can simply apply SiO2 protection to your whole car in 5-10 minutes by just spraying and rinsing!

  Final results with water beading.  
  Final results with water beading.  
Just look at the water sheet right off!


Now it's protected, what do I do? Once you have gone around the whole entire vehicle, now the drying can happen like normal. Drying can be done with a nice microfiber drying towel such as the Speed Master The Notorious D.R.Y. Towel or my favorite way which is the FLEX Cordless Blower. Now that the water is beading up really well and the surface is super hydrophobic, it does not take much air movement to blow the water off the car. You can always go around the car with the Speed Master The Notorious D.R.Y. Towel afterwards just to touch up the areas where there's still some water left behind. Not only is the DP Hydro Wet Seal quick and easy to use and will protect your paint, best of all – it will make drying the vehicle after normal washing even easier!

Important things to keep in mind when using DP Hydro Wet Seal: It is important to use DP Hydro Wet Seal ONE PANEL at a time and OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT. You will want to fully rinse off each panel completely before moving onto the next panel (you don't' want to let the product dry on the surface). Working out of direct sunlight is important because you do not want to spray SiO2 type products onto a hot surface as they will badly streak, only causing a mess that you will have to polish off. As long as you are spraying one panel at a time on a cool surface, out of direct sunlight, you have nothing to worry about! Enjoy the easy, fast, effective, and fun way of protecting your vehicle's paint with DP Hydro Wet Seal!