Poorboy's World

Poorboy's World

Poorboys World Polishing & Detailing Products
Nothing fancy-shmancy, just good old-fashioned value and extreme shine!

Why Poorboys?
A constant stream of AutoGeek.net hopefuls bombard our Palm Beach Motoring offices almost daily. All samples are considered, examined, then tried and tested by the crew here, but it is RARE that any of these make the cut. The ratio of contenders to actual winners is unbelievable.

We have stringent guidelines and strict standards. You see, we're in no hurry to add new products, unless they are in some way truly unique or outstanding--even compared with the hundreds of products that have earned a place on our shelves. The modest packaging of Poorboy's World had us curious. On initial testing, the vehicles looked great! On to round 2: Here begins the battery of rigorous tests for durability, longevity, user-friendliness, and quality. Poorboy's passed them all with flying colors! Who knew? It's seldom that the staff and myself get too excited about a new product, but, funny, we all seemed to be rooting for Poorboy's to do well--like an underdog. Here's what sold us on it. Down here in South Florida, detailing usually requires garage or warehouse space to escape the hot sun.

Most products rebel against direct sunlight and your application is foiled. Not Poorboy's. Just like Steve (of Poorboy's) claimed, it absolutely does love the sun. Perfect! The last phase of testing had us all out in the grass and parking lot in the mid-day Florida sun using Poorboy's and having a blast. Welcome to the family, Poorboy's! This product line is a refreshing change from contemporary products pumped out by large companies, with their flashy labels, lengthy directions, and lofty prices. The Poorboy's line of easy-to-use products is nothing more than top quality at rock-bottom prices. The plain-jane packaging is nostalgic, but it also means that Poorboy's can offer their products at lower prices than the competition. The simplicity and the price will take you back. Poorboy's doesn't waste money on elaborate casing because it's what's inside that counts!

Poorboy's just wanted to make an All-American product that would make your car shimmer and shine without all the extra trappings, complicated steps and purse-breaking cost. All Poorboy's products are designed to be the easiest to use. Unlike the others, Poorboy's is just fine to apply in the sun. For us sun-belt dwellers especially, it is a dream come true! Any time, anywhere you can beautify and protect your car, maintaining a deep, liquified gleam and glimmer. (Shade's fine, too!) The finish will be smooth, silky and crisp. First-class results, as good as any you can achieve with any product, at any price level! Poorboy's products are safe on clear coats, lacquer, enamel, iron, pearl, fiberglass and gel coats all benefit from the protection of Poorboy's.

The entire Poorboy's product line has something to address for every car care dilemma, every surface and every condition—bringing them all to their greatest degree of splendor! A perfect balance of cleaners and protectors make maintaining your vehicle's crystal-like finish a breeze. We have products for the pampered car through the car in dire need of some TLC. Professional grade products will help you transform even the most neglected car into a diamond! Poorboy's has made a name around the show circuit for fantastic products at great prices! Its ever-growing popularity is due to word-of-mouth testimonies from novice detailers through auto enthusiasts about the brilliant results no matter what your level of expertise. You're going to love Poorboy's!