Gel Coat Protection

Some boats are finished with polymer gel coat rather than traditional paint because it seals the vessel against damage from environmental factors such as saltwater and sun. However, the coating itself can oxidize and turn yellow over time. Give the barrier coating a protective barrier of its own with our marine gel coat products. Whether you’re gel-coating a boat for the first time or want to restore an aged watercraft, regularly using these special formulas will keep a boat shining for years of open-water adventures. We offer the latest products from our Marine 31 brand as well as respected manufacturers like Collinite and Gtechniq.

Marine Gel Coat Sealants and Waxes

When you’re protecting gel coat paint, you have a choice between carnauba wax, ceramic coatings and one-steps. Carnauba wax, available in paste or liquid form, offers the most warmth and depth but only provides a couple of months of protection. Ceramic gel coat boat sealants last much longer with a high-gloss finish that will please most sailing enthusiasts. You can also get wax and sealant combos that offer properties of each. A one-step formula like Marine 31 All-In-One Gel Coat Polish and Wax is a fast solution for light staining and oxidation. 

We offer these options in many forms along with heavy-cut cleaning wax, fiberglass sealer, gel coat prep spray and other supplies. If you want to stock up and save, the boating aficionados on the Autogeek staff have created a variety of marine gel coat protection kits. Contact us to speak with an expert about your needs.