Wolfgang Auto Bathe Review & How To

Wolfgang Auto Bathe Review & How To


by Mike Phillips

Tested out the Wolfgang Auto Bathe and took down a few notes.
  • Excellent sudsing action
  • Suds last all the way through the wash job
  • Pleasant fragrance, makes washing your car more enjoyable
  • Very slippery feel to your hand when dipping a mitt into the solution or when gliding a wash mitt or brush over the surface
  • Rinses off easily for streak-free results
Anything that makes washing my car more of a pleasure than a pain is good by me. Using quality tools makes washing your car more fun and enjoyable and that includes a quality car wash shampoo.

I've used plenty of different car wash solutions over the years and for most people, washing is the one step you'll tend to do more often than polishing and waxing. For this reason it only makes sense to use a quality product that's going to offer good lubricating characteristics and good cleaning ability without being overkill for what you're trying to accomplish. Wolfgang Auto Bathe falls into this category of car wash shampoos.

Wolfgang Auto Bathe offers plenty of rich suds, which everyone wants to see when they mix up a bucket of car wash solution, and the suds last until the you're done washing the car. It smells nice and that's always a bonus with any paint care product. Slickness or slipperiness is a important because you want dirt and dust to glide off the paint, not grind into the paint and Wolfgang Auto Bathe is a very slippery feeling wash solution. The other important feature in a quality car wash is referred to as free-rinsing, this means the soap solutions rinses off easily without grabbing or lingering onto the paint leaving behind soap stains. Wolfgang Auto Bathe rinses off clear and clean plus it's also human and earth friendly, as well as biodegradable.

This review is just about my experience with the product when washing an almost black car in warm weather, but there's a bunch of scientific chemistry information. If you're interested in that aspect read more here.

Besides using a quality car wash shampoo, another product I don't think I could live without, (seriously), is a 5-Gallon Wash Bucket with 5 Wheel Car Wash Dolly. This makes it easy to roll your bucket of car wash solution around the car as you continue to wash the car. Wolfgang Auto Bathe shown with 5-Gallon Wash Bucket with 5 Wheel Car Wash Dolly and Firehose Nozzle.

Directions on the label say to pour 1-2 ounces of concentrate into a car wash bucket and then spray a heavy jet water to activate the suds.

Another option is to fill the bucket half full with water before blasting it with a strong jet spray of water to engage the suds.

To do this, simply remove the spray nozzle off the end of your hose and then bury the end of the hose into the bottom of the bucket. This will mix the Wolfgang Auto Bathe shampoo thoroughly with the water.

Pour 1-2 ounces of concentrate into a car wash bucket and then spray a heavy jet water to activate the suds.
Create plenty of rich suds with Wolfgang Auto Bathe. Wolfgang Auto Bathe lubricates the wash water for safe, swirl-free washing.

By using just a strong flow of water you can add about 4 gallons or so of water without creating too many suds. If you look at the pictures you'll see the water level is high but there's only a little volume of suds floating on the top surface.

Now replace your spray nozzle and blast the water for piles of rich, thick bubbly suds!
Maximumize suds with the Firehose Nozzle.

Lots 'O Suds

Your 5 Gallon Wash Bucket will be overflowing with foam!

Perfectly mixed solution of water and Wolfgang Auto Bathe
Wolfgang Auto Bathe and a 5 gallon Wash Bucket System are the recipe for the perfect car wash.

Now you're ready to wash the car with a Dodo Juice Supernatural Wash Mitt, a.k.a. the Wookie's Fist, or your favorite mitt or brush. Use the Dodo Juice Wookie Mitt to safely wash your car with Wolfgang Auto Bathe.
Wolfgang Auto Bathe is a pleasure to use and cleans very well while still being pH neutral, so it won't strip off wax or paint sealant protection. Whether you have a new car that you want to pamper or you're maintaining the finish on a car that you want to look like new, then it's time to put away the dish washing detergent and and upgrade to a premium quality shampoo: Wolfgang Auto Bathe.