Rubber Trim Restoration With Nexzett

Rubber Trim Restoration With Nexzett


  Rubber Trim Restoration With Nexzett by Professional Detailer  

There's a few good products on the market for this, but for me, this has been there since the beginning of my detailing career. Nextzett Gummi Pflege Stift AND Nextzett Plastic Reiniger. Can otherwise be known as Nextzett Rubber Care Stick and Plastic Deep Cleaner. Or as I call them, my Gummi and Plastic cleaner. It is and will always be one of my favorites for rubber trim on vehicles that have been weathered and dried out. Easy application with best results if the product is left on overnight.

How I look at dried out trim on a vehicle is I relate it to dry chapped lips. If you neglect your lips enough it will take some moisture to bring them back to life. You want to apply enough product like you would Chap stick to your dehydrated lips, allow it to sit and soak in till cured.

So let's get started! What you'll need:

• 1-2 cloths.
• One CLEAN microfiber for wiping up any excess product that may drip onto paint.
• Other can be any kind of clean or washed shop rag for cleaning the rubber.
• Gummi Pflege Stift
• Plastik Reiniger

First thing I did when we started the process on this 2010 Audi A4 was wash it to get all the dust and dirt off the vehicle.

After I finishing washing the vehicle up and drying everything off, you will want to spray 2-3 squirts of the Plastik Deep Cleaner onto the shop rag.

  Clean the rubber with Plastic Deep Cleaner.  

Apply to rubber trim and clean back and forth motion till you see the contamination removing onto the rag and a "matte" clean look will start to appear once dried. You will see this in the picture below (It will dry quickly right before your eyes).

  Rubber before being treated with Gummi.  

After you get this result you can actually stop here if you like that appearance, or you can go one step further with the GUMMI! This is what I compare to Chap stick. The bottle is small and very easy to use. Pop the top and you will notice a small foam/sponge applicator top. To get the product to start coming out you will want to press it onto the rubber surface and pump it down a few times until you see the liquid start to saturate into the foam/sponge top.

  Applying Gummi to rubber.  

What I like to do is balance one of my fingers, whether it be my pinky or ring finger on the edge of whatever surfaces I am applying. This helps me with keeping a steady hand. Less room for messes.

  Multiple coats will ensure complete coverage.  

Now like having dry chapped lips, when you apply chap stick is soaks right up into the surface. Which is why you continuing to re apply. If you are dealing with VERY damaged or dried out trim, you are going to need to realize just one or two coats is not going to cut it. I usually go over a door trim a few times, move to the next. By the time I get around to the first door I will repeat the process as needed.

The main goal is to get the trim saturated enough where there is still some product on the surface that has not soaked in yet. Now what I would do, because most of my details are at least an overnight treatment is I will leave it sit over night without touching it. Let that excess product sit on top of the trim and try and soak in overnight. You don't want to apply TOO much where it will start dripping off down the side of the car, so just be aware of that. If it does for some reason drip onto the vehicle you will be just fine, I just grab some Quick Detailer and a microfiber and wipe it up.

Final step. When you come back to the car in the morning or after several hours, whatever product that is left on the trim that has not soaked in, I will just lightly wipe off with a dry microfiber or even work it in with gloves on.

Overall, I love this product and I feel the process is fairly easy or else I wouldn't continue to use it. I have saved so many Audi, Porsche, BMW rubber trim and it feels very silky smooth after! One suggestion I do have is to not apply and then drive in the rain right away! The product will wash out. Let the product soak in and do its thing for a few days if you can without rain or washing. This is usually a 5-10 min quick application. In certain cases, I have to repeat it one more time after it all soaks in.

This is also not a one-time use. I would say it lasts anywhere from a few weeks to a month? Depending on how you maintain the vehicle. I would keep this handy product in the trunk of your car or on the shop/garage shelf. When you tuck your baby in for the night after a weekly bath. Put some GUMMI on it and repeat over a few weeks. It will keep the rubber trim looking and feeling great.

  Rubber after treatment with Nextzett.  

Before treatment on the LEFT. After treatment on the RIGHT.