6 Steps To A Cleaner Interior

6 Steps To A Cleaner Interior


When it comes to interiors, there are many different types of surfaces. With just a handful of DP interior care products, you will have everything you need to take care of any interior surface you have in your car! The main surfaces you will be dealing with inside of cars interiors are: LEATHER, VINYL, PLASTIC, RUBBER, GLASS, AND FABRIC! In this write up, we will cover 6 Steps to a Clean Interior.

1. Vinyl, Plastic, and Rubber care
For this process, we chose a Honda Civic that was in need of a good, deep, interior cleaning. We will also showcase this car for the fabric care portion of this write-up, below. In regard to the first step, the door panels have seen better days. The material of the door panel is vinyl. We started out by doing a 50/50 tape line to show the difference a good interior cleaner, like the DP Total Interior Cleaner, can really make. We agitated the surface with the Famous Detail Brush which works great for interiors!

Once the panel is clean, we protected it using the DP Total Interior Surface Protectant. DP Interior Surface Protectant protects your interior from dirt, dust, UV rays and all the side effects that come with them. DP Interior Surface Protectant is a 100% water-based formula that has a pH-balanced formula and is safe for leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber interior surfaces. DP Interior Surface Protectant penetrates the surface to moisturize and soften plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces, while also providing a satin, streak-free finish. I personally like to apply this product with our Microfiber Applicator Pads. You can simply bury the nozzle into the applicator and inject some of the protectant into it, then simply spread it out over the surface.

After you have applied the DP Total Interior Protectant, simply give it a light wipe with a towel and the surface will go back to a natural vinyl sheen that is fully protected against the elements.

2. Leather care
For leather care, we picked this Ford F-350 that has a full leather interior. We decided to show a 50/50 before and after on the armrest that sees lots of wear and tear in a truck. We started by cleaning the leather surface with the DP Total Interior Cleaner to get all the body oils, spills, dust, and dirt off the surface. The Famous Detail Brush was once again used to agitate the surface and get it clean. We used a Cobra Super Plush Junior Microfiber Towel to wipe away the excess dirt and cleaner.

Once the leather surface has been properly cleaned, it is ready to be conditioned. For this step, we used the DP Leather Conditioner. DP Leather Conditioner restores your leather to its original soft and supple beauty. DP Leather Conditioner also provides a protective layer that boosts durability and prevents degradation. Plus, DP Leather Conditioner will rejuvenate, brighten and nourish old and neglected leather surfaces. DP Leather Conditioner will also prevent new leather from ever falling victim to drying and fading. We used a simple poly Foam Wax Applicator to apply the DP Leather Conditioner. These work especially great when working with perforated seats. Simply apply some to the foam, push it into the foam itself, then gently wipe on the conditioner to the perforated seats. This will prevent you from pushing a big glob of conditioner into the perforations of the seats, something you would never be able to get out.

The results really speak for themselves! The interior did not look that bad upon initial inspection, but overtime, leather will dull down because of body oils, extreme heat, dirt, and dust. It is important to get the leather surgically clean prior to applying the conditioner. The conditioner really nourished and brought the leather back to life. The owner of this Ford F-350 was shocked at the difference it made and now has the determination to upkeep the leather often with the DP leather care products!

3. Quick All-In-One Interior Detailing
Looking to clean your plastic interior, while at the same time, providing protection? DP Interior All-In-One is the way to go! DP Interior All-In-One cleans, shines and protects your plastic, leather and vinyl surfaces, keeping your interior looking as though you barely use it. Plus, DP Interior All-In-One helps eliminate those bad odors that somehow manage to find their way into your car. For this process, we picked our Mercedes Sprinter work van that we call the Autogeek iVan. The interior stays quite clean at all times because we maintain it often. However, we don't always have time to do a full, multiple steps, cleaning and protection process, as that takes more time. This is where the DP Total Interior All-In-One comes in handy. Just spray it on and wipe if off! It cleans, protects, and keeps our work van's interior looking proper all the time!

4. Fabric care
We are back to the Honda Civic that needed a good, deep, interior cleaning. This armrest has not been cleaned in some time and could use a good makeover. To remove the dirt and staining, we will be using the DP Total Interior Cleaner and agitating the fabric with the Famous Detail Brush.

As you can see, the 50/50 shot is a dramatic difference of what the fabric looked like before and what it looks like once properly cleaned with a quality product!

Once the armrest has been fully cleaned, you are going to want to let the fabric dry completely before applying the DP Fabric Preserve. DP Fabric Preserve creates a waterproof barrier on the fabric, repelling water, oils and other liquids. DP Fabric Preserve also protects against harmful UV rays. To use, simply spray this product on and let it cure for a 12-24-hour period. Once you do, your fabric will be fully protected!

5. Floor Mat Cleaner & Protectant
Many people nowadays have floor mats such as WeatherTech Floor liners or something similar. These are great and keep your interior carpeting in perfect shape throughout the vehicle's lifespan. However, your plastic and rubber floor mats are probably, if not definitely, the most contaminated part of your car. Keep it clean and protected with DP Floor Mat Cleaner & Protectant. DP Floor Mat Cleaner & Protectant uses a pH-neutral formula to clean plastic and rubber floor mats, removing dirt, mud, oil, spilled drinks and more. DP Floor Mat Cleaner & Protectant restores the original look and feel of your mats, leaving behind a sleek, satin finish. Plus, DP Floor Mat Cleaner & Protectant protects against fading! Directions are very simple - spray DP Floor Mat Cleaner & Protectant directly onto the floor mat or liner. Then, using a stiff scrub brush like the Famous Detail Brush, agitate the surface. Wipe excess product away with a microfiber towel, like the Cobra Storm Gray Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth. That's it! Keep your floor mats looking clean and protected with one easy-to-use product!

6. Interior Glass Cleaning
This step is commonly the most troublesome when it comes to interior cleaning. There are areas that are difficult to reach, and if you get smears and streaks on the inside of your glass, it can be extremely annoying. Luckily, we have a couple of great products to make it easier for you to get to the hard-to-reach areas and result with a crystal-clear glass on the inside of your car! DP 20/20 Vision Glass Cleaner uses an alcohol-based formula to provide a crystal-clear surface worthy enough to pass an eye test. DP 20/20 Vision Glass Cleaner is safe to use on tinted surfaces and will not smear or leave streaks behind. This glass cleaner pairs perfectly with the Glass Master Pro Glass and Surface Cleaner, especially when trying to get those hard-to-reach areas of the glass, particularly near the bottom of the window where the glass meets the dash. With these two products, interior glass cleaning is made simple and you'll get great results every time!

With all the DP Detailing Products we have covered in this write up, you can easily maintain, clean, and protect all the surfaces of your vehicle's interior. These products are all super easy to use and perform as advertised! The detailing brushes, glass reach tools and microfiber towels make it even easier to get the job done! Thank you for reading and follow DP on Instagram at @dp_detailing_products to see the latest on complete lineup of products!