At GTechniq, they believe you shouldn’t have to choose between great paint protection and great shine. The company was founded in 2001 because British quantum physicist Drew Gill was frustrated with the paint protection formulas available — and smart enough to do something about it. GTechniq now uses the most advanced technology to develop innovative new car surface care solutions for cars and powersports. These incredibly durable products also look incredible while being easy to use for passionate auto enthusiasts.

Smart Surface Science for Car Care

Autogeek is an official GTechniq dealer with the right supplies and knowledge for world-class detailing at affordable prices. GTechniq ceramic coating formulas form a barrier against rain, salt, chemicals and other debris. EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating provides two years of protection on daily commuter vehicles While GTechniq Crystal Serum Light can last up to five years.

GTechniq has many other ways to clean and restore a vehicle. Shop bug removers, glass cleaners, ceramic washes, iron removers and other exterior care products. They’ve expanded to interior care with antibacterial fabric sprays and Tri-Clean all-surface cleaner.  Use our search filters to find GTechniq marine detailing supplies, RV cleaners, motorcycle leather conditioners and other products that deliver a perfect finish all while following the laws of physics.

Our experts are here to help anyone learn how to use GTechniq car care supplies. Click on a product for tips, videos and instructions that show why Autogeek is where shine happens.