We were always told to listen to our mother as a kid – and as it turns out, this applies to automotive care, too. They burst onto the scene in 1972 with Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish, a godsend for the new alloy wheels sweeping the nation. Since then, Mothers has expanded to products for paint, glass, upholstery, chrome and every other automotive surface.

Mothers doesn’t just make products, though. For many years, they have presented the annual Shine and Choice Awards for detailing excellence. This involvement in the community helps them respond immediately to the needs of restorers, modders and detailing enthusiasts. You’ll see quickly why there’s no shine like Mothers shine.

Mothers Wax and Polish

Take care of your ride with products designed for show cars and the real world of driving. The original Mag and Aluminum Polish has become the metal polish of choice among car collectors. Use Mothers aluminum polish for headlights, wheels, engine blocks, exhausts, brass hardware and other metal parts to restore their luster. Their vast selection also includes pure carnauba wax, glass cleaners, tire shine and odor eliminator. You can even get Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover to clean up after a track day.

The team at Mothers uses the highest-quality ingredients while blending science, nature and practical know-how. They also make all the detailing brushes you need for the tough grime on tires, wheels and carpets. Search “Mothers” on the Autogeek YouTube channel to learn more about their latest products and see how they work.