Facts on Waxing Your Bike

Facts on Waxing Your Bike

The simple truth is that if you regularly wax your motorcycle's painted finish, it will enhance the inherent beauty of the paint, protect it from the environment and keep your ride looking its best. Waxing is not only important; it is necessary to maintain the value and appearance of your bike.

Carnauba Waxes

So, now that you have resolved to faithfully wax your motorcycle, it's time to figure out which kind of wax best suits your needs. You can choose to go with a natural wax, such as carnauba – which is harvested in Brazil from the leaves of the Copernica Cerifera tree – or "Tree of Life". Carnauba wax is a favorite of die-hard motorcycle/motoring enthusiasts. Traditionally, nothing comes close to a "carnauba shine". The consistency of the wax is astonishing for a natural substance. The extraordinary hardness and transparent qualities of carnauba lends to the coveted multi-dimensional finish it is so famous for achieving.

Carnauba wax has natural protective properties that are often enhanced by polymers, since the wax in its pure state is too hard to work with. The protective barrier provided by carnauba wax causes water to bead off the surface and defends against the ravages of wind, rain, acid rain, extreme hot or cold temperatures, pollutants and sun exposure. You can expect anywhere from 2-4 months of protection on average from most carnauba waxes. Examples include Pinnacle Souveran, the very best carnauba –based wax you can buy, Signature Series II, and S100 Carnauba Paste Wax.

Paint Sealants

Another wax option, growing in popularity is synthetic Wax, also called paint sealants. These formulations provide the ultimate in long wearing protection. They consist of a combination of manmade ingredients, including resins, synthetic waxes, and polymer blends. They literally “seal" off the painted surface with a barrier that can last over nine months, with the very best blends. They can also achieve a “mock carnauba" shine – since the synthetics are very clear and the shine is transparent. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant closely resembles the liquid-like shine of carnauba and gives you outstanding durability. Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze is an acrylic-based sealant that literally seals the paint under an impenetrable acrylic finish.

We've compiled a list of the best waxes we have found for cost, consistency, ease of application, finish and durability. Pinnacle Liquid Souveran Wax is a technological breakthrough. Combining the highest quality super-polymers in an exacting formulation that meets or exceeds even the best natural Carnauba wax shine. If you show your bike – you'll love this wax.

S100 Carnauba Paste Wax is a hand poured blend of German paste waxes, proprietary ingredients, and Brazilian Carnauba results in an extremely easy to use wax that buffs to an incredible shine. The added benefit is it's not a "chalky" textured wax, and it won't stain plastic or rubber.

DP, a line of products developed by professional detailers and backed by sound research is always an excellent value, and their DP Max Wax does not disappoint. This product was run through its paces with extensive testing in some of America's harshest environments. A combination of polymers and the best carnauba wax in a buttery paste form that's easy to apply. This wax will give your motorcycle a show-bike finish with months of lasting protection.

Remember, when you choose a wax for your motorcycle look for quality ingredients. Not all blends are the same quality or consistency. Whether you choose an entirely synthetic sealant or a natural carnauba wax, your motorcycle will benefit from a glossy coat of protection.