303 Fabric Guard Guide by 303 Product Tech

303 Fabric Guard Guide by 303 Product Tech

Getting Started With 303® Fabric Guard

If you want to maintain the material used in your car correctly, you have to make sure it is adequately protected. 303® Fabric Guard is specifically designed to preserve the integrity of fabric by providing a protective shield that fends off stains and restores water repellency to near factory-level conditions. The product is easy to apply, safe to use on an assortment of materials, and has various practical and creative uses.

  303 Fabric Guard  

Why 303® Fabric Guard?
When left untreated, the upholstery of your vehicle can absorb moisture, stain easily, and generally break down over time. The formula used in 303® Fabric Guard is engineered to provide next-level protection on these fabrics. After correctly applying 303® Fabric Guard, you will notice that oil-based liquids and water will bead off the fabric instead of sinking into the material. This protective layer limits moisture's ability to penetrate the upholstery, leaving it preserved. When to Apply 303® Fabric Guard
First and foremost, 303® Fabric Guard should only ever be applied to material that has already been cleaned and dried. If you notice that the fabric you wish to treat is either absorbing water or staining easily, this is a telltale sign that it requires protection. Apply a layer of 303® Fabric Guard to the material until the surface area is evenly wet. Allow 12-24 hours for the solution to dry before testing the fabric's newfound viability, and you won't believe your eyes.

  303 Fabric Guard can be used on convertible tops.  

Practical Use: Protecting Your Convertible Top
One of the most common uses for 303® Fabric Guard is to keep fabrics on the tops of convertibles protected, so long as it is not made from vinyl. Rainfall and other elements from the weather can do a number to material-based tops, and you can find water seeping into the cabin of your vehicle without taking proper precautions. Apply 303® Fabric Guard to the entire surface area of your convertible top so you can send rain flying off of it and avoid paying a hefty price to replace the stack. Other Ways to Use 303® Fabric Guard
The best part of having a bottle of 303® Fabric Guard at the ready is its versatility that extends far beyond the world of convertible tops. For example, after you've finished treating your ride in the driveway or garage, keep 303® Fabric Guard in hand to retreat your outdoor patio furniture. All you have to do is ensure that your pillows, cushions, or rugs are clean and dry. Then you can spray the entire surface area of the upholstery to form a seal that protects against water or oil-based stains. It's so incredible that you may try spilling a glass of red wine to see it in action!