Matte Car Care Products

Matte Car Care Products

Matte finishes, also known as low-gloss or “flat paint,” have become popular because they hide dirt better than reflective surfaces and offer an old-school look. However, caring for them is much different than high-gloss or satin-clear coats. While detailing products are typically aimed at producing lots of shine, matte car paint demands the exact opposite approach.

In this section only, Autogeek is where shine doesn’t happen. We’ve tracked down the best cleaning and detailing supplies for matte-color cars. Established brands such as Dr. Beasley’s, Gyeon Quartz, Chemical Guys and Blackfire have retooled their offerings to provide the same great cleaning power and protection without the shine.

The Best Matte for Your Car

One downside of a matte finish car is that damage is harder to fix and more expensive. Our matte paint cleaner, quick detailing sprays and sealants won’t let you get to this point. Shop matte auto washes and decontaminants that lift away grime and contain no gloss additives. With products such as Pinnacle Black Label Ceramic Matte Coating, you can get the long-lasting water beading and weather protection you need in a formula that doesn’t affect the look of the paint.

Whether your decals, wheels or the entire vehicle is decked in matte car paint colors, these products will keep them that way without being dull. Matte car care supplies can also be used on vinyl wraps and paint protection film. We have fast shipping from our warehouse and easy returns if you’re unsatisfied.