Dealing with Bugs, Tar, & Other Stuff

Dealing with Bugs, Tar, & Other Stuff

Remove bugs, tar, and tree sap from your motorcycle before they do any damage!

Ever pondered over that mysterious gunk spattered on your bike and wondered "what is that!"? Most motorcycles have fallen victim to UFO's (unavoidable flying objects) at one time or another. Bug residue is a common complaint, along with tar, tree sap and whatever 'that' was. Identifiable or not, these mini missiles all have one very similar attribute – they all seem to cement themselves to your motorcycle. They can be among the most challenging contaminants to dislodge. Removing them quickly is vital, since they can also be among the most acidic contaminants to assail your finish. Such residues will gnaw their way through your paint and pit your polished metals – not a good thing – so here are some tips to help you remove these culprits quickly, easily and safely.

Bug OFF!

Since bugs are the most common complaint, let's address them first. And let's face it – bug spatter is not only unsightly, it's just plain gross! Highly acidic, bug remains galvanize themselves to the surface and adhere to paint and metals with a vengeance. Your first instinct may be to try to scrub the bug residue off the surface, but that approach can scratch the finish. There are cleaning solutions that can tackle bugs without damaging paint or metal work.

DP Bug & Tar Remover will do the trick, and can be used for tree sap as well as a host of other stuck-on messes. It will quickly loosen the hardened material, allowing it to lift and remove with ease.

S100 Total Cycle Cleaner is also quite effective at removing bug glub. With either one of these cleaners, you may 'spot' apply, allowing the formula to sit on the surface for a few minutes to work into and dissolve the mess. This process should prevent any need to scrub. For particularly stubborn bug residue stains, saturate a cotton cloth or paper towel with the cleaner and place it over the stain. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and wipe away.

Poorboy's Bug Squash is a gentle yet very effective way to remove bugs. Just spray it on, let it sit, and wipe it off. Bug Squash is a great value because it can be diluted for immediate bug removal. If the bug has been there a few days or more, use Bug Squash full strength.


Tar finds its way onto motorcycle surfaces while riding. This particular type of grime is a result of road asphalt combined with grease/oil and tire rubber – pelting your bike as you travel. Tar is always a challenge to remove. Using the proper cleaners can make the job less time consuming while protecting your motorcycle finishes. As mentioned above, DP Bug & Tar Remover can be very effective at removing sticky contaminants. Tar won't stand a chance against its powerful cleaning action.

Stoner XENIT is also a great cleaner for tar in particular. It's a non-petroleum, citrus-based cleaner that works wonders on tar, dissolving it, without damaging paint or metals.

Stoner Tarminator will effectively remove tar, grease, asphalt and sap using a unique 'Micro-Active' cleaning technology that actually breaks down the molecules in hardened, sticky contaminants.


The worst kind of resin! Sap can be a nightmare. It is harder to remove than tar. Again DP Bug & Tar Remover is also extremely effective at dissolving and removing tree sap. You won't need to scrub.

Stoner Tarminator is another favorite for removing tree sap. The unusual properties of its 'Micro-Active' cleaning technology make it a sound choice. It dissolves sticky, hardened contaminants making them glide off the surface. Remember to re-apply your favorite wax protectant or sealant after removing contaminants. Cleaners will remove existing paint protection. Spot-wax with Pinnacle Souveran Liquid Spray Wax. It protects using the finest #1 Brazilian Carnauba, leaving a just-waxed, glass-like shine! Great for wax touch ups and in between major wax jobs.

*** For fast and easy bug, tar and sap removal on the go, keep a Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad in your storage compartment or saddle bag. This amazing scrubber is completely safe for all painted, polished, glass and metal finishes. The Safe Scrub is designed to remove the contaminants without any cleansers. The unique honey-comb texture picks up the mess, leaving the finish fresh and clean. Perfect for road trips, long weekends and the garage! The most important tip about bug residue, tar and tree sap removal is to address it as soon as possible. Never allow these acidic contaminants to remain on your motorcycle surfaces for very long. Using the right products makes removal quick and easy, and protects your finish... so your bike looks great all the time.