Lake Country Manufacturing

Lake Country Manufacturing

A machine polisher is only as good as the pad you’re using — and a Lake Country pad offers professional performance for every stage of the process. Since Milwaukee Tanning was purchased in 1977 and renamed Lake Country Manufacturing, they have been an undisputed leader in buffing pads. They created the first foam polishing pads in the U.S. and are constantly developing new solutions.

Together, Autogeek and Lake Country designed Smart Pads™ professional foam pads for machine polisher. These exclusive buffing pads use German-imported foam and Velcro® fasteners to produce excellent contact and stability with low heat transfer. Smart Pads are available to fit many rotary, orbital and dual action polishers. Five different foam cuts are available for everything from wax application to correcting scratches and swirls.

Lake Country Polishing Pads

The Smart Pad lineup is just a fraction of the hundreds of Lake Country buffing pads available at Browse an assortment of high-class foam pads that include Force Hybrid pads for forced-rotation polishers, HD Orbital Foam Pads for large throw polishers and Hydro-Tech Foam Pads for water-based polishes. To suit the needs of every automotive detailer, Lake Country also makes wool pads, microfiber buffing pads, hand polish applicators and pad washers. Purchase a single pad for occasional projects or large buffing pad kits to supply professional shops.

It can be tricky to know what polishing pad is needed for each situation. That’s why we have the Autogeek University resource center with free how-to articles and tips. If you still have questions, call us Monday-Friday to speak with a detailing expert.