The results are clear, clean with Diamondite!

Diamondite is an innovative collection of glass and plastic care products that are unmatched in its ability to restore and protect surfaces, for auto, marine and home. This line of Diamondite products includes polishes, cleaners, repair kits, vinyl cleaners and more to restore select surfaces to be like-new.

Diamondite provides cleaning and protection for auto, home and marine care. Diamondite has a product to protect every clear material on your vehicle, boat, motorcycle, RV, and aircraft; including acrylic, Plexiglas®, Lexan®, glass, clear vinyl, and polycarbonate.

Each Diamondite product is designed for easy application with a drill, polisher, or by hand. No matter where you are looking to clean and protect, whether it be your bathroom mirror, your car against bugs, or a way to get the salt residue off your boat's clear vinyl, Diamondite has the product for you!

If it's clear, you can clean it, correct it, and protect it with Diamondite!

When it comes to your home, you want to keep it light and airy. With Diamondite's help, you can keep your windows, mirrors and other clear surfaces stay as translucent as possible, letting the light in while keeping steaks and spots at bay.

Diamondite also works on marine surfaces, cutting through the thickest grime living on your boat. Diamondite will also remove salt, insect remains, road grime, clean plastic, clean headlights and more for auto, marine and home surfaces. Protection is at its finest with the Diamondite line of products.

Each protect protects after it cleans, allowing glass, clear plastic and clear vinyl to repel water, resist dust and defend against potential hazards for home, auto and marine.