With Diamondite, you can clean, restore and protect your vehicle for lasting clarity and shine. We formulated Diamondite to be the ultimate glass repair system. Use these products to remove dirt, haze, water spots, fine scratches and more while leaving a streak-free transparent finish. They can be used on a variety of other materials such as acrylic plastic, polycarbonate, clear vinyl, stainless steel and chrome, letting you make everything from headlights to convertible tops look like new.

Furthermore, Diamondite automotive glass care products are proven for marine and aircraft applications. You can also use them around the house on bathroom mirrors or kitchen windows. Trust Diamondite from Autogeek.net for all your glass and plastic restoration needs.

The Best Auto Glass Cleaning System

We offer many ways to leave your glass or plastic surfaces sparkling again. From high-performance glass cleaners to windshield glass polish, adhesive remover and insect protectant, we have the right formula for your needs. If you’re using Diamondite for the first time, look for money-saving glass cleaning kits that include everything to maintain your windows, including specially designed glass care towels. Headlight restoration kits are available, too.

These affordable products are used by professional detailers and serious enthusiasts who demand clear results. Select a product to learn more about how it works and the best ways to use it. No matter how dirty your windows, headlights, dashboards and boat trim are, Diamondite can get them shining again. Read our Glass Cleaning Facts & Tips guide for free advice or contact our auto care experts.