Refresh Your Interior With DP Odor Eliminators

Refresh Your Interior With DP Odor Eliminators

Months of damp weather can leave your vehicle's interior smelling a little..musty. Not only are you getting in and out of your vehicle with wet clothing and shoes, but having to keep those windows closed to seal out the moisture, doesn't give it time to dry and can lead to mildew-y smells and odors.

All DP Odor Eliminators sitting on vehicle's dashboard.

If you're wondering how to keep your car's interior fresh all season long, check out the DP Odor Eliminators! Designed to provide a burst of fresh scent, they not only mask the smells but eliminate them completely. Keep reading to find out how they're used!

Even in the dead of winter, refreshing your car's interior is easy. After your regular interior detail (including wiping away dirt and dust, and a quick vaccum), grab your favorite DP Odor Eliminator scent and get to spraying! 

DP Odor Eliminators are so effective that only a few sprays are necessary. In fact, unlike other odor eliminators, it's not recommended that you use the whole can. Not only will it completely overwhelm the interior, it can also lead to staining of interior plastic and vinyl. 

Be sure to hold the can in a upright position and spray into the air using a sweeping motion. 

Holding DP Odor Eliminator can upright before spraying. Spraying DP Odor Eliminator can into car's interior.


And that's it - it really is that easy to refresh your vehicle's interior and remove any bad odors! DP Odor Eliminators can be used as often as you'd like to keep your interior feeling and smelling fresh! What's your favorite scent!?