Exterior Trim & Metal Kits

Exterior Trim & Metal Kits

The difference between a decent-looking car and one worthy of automotive shows often comes down to the trim. Our automotive trim care sets have the essentials you need in a money-saving bundle. We’ve cleaned everything from aluminum wheels to side moldings and figured out what products pair well. These pieces may be small, but true detailing enthusiasts know they matter just as much as the body panels.

Keep Your Trim Sharp

Trim and metal care kits include products from Solution Finish, Marine 31, P&S Detailing and other established brands. With an all-purpose trim cleaning kit, you can shine up everything from rubber window trim to plastic spare tire protectors. Order trim cleaner, vinyl restorer, microfiber towels, foam finger pockets and even latex gloves with no hassle.

We also have specialty kits for parts that need extra care. Chrome and aluminum wheel kits deliver a bright finish while being formulated for delicate parts. There are stainless steel cleaning kits, ceramic coating bundles and other ways to make vehicles shine. Autogeek.net can help you care for your boat trim as well with pontoon detailing kits.

The Best Detailing Resources

In addition to being easy on your wallet with exterior trim care bundles, Autogeek also provides free education and training so you can give them the attention they deserve. The Geek Center is filled with informative guides such as How to Properly Care for Trim & Molding and How to Polish Metal. Our fast shipping gets each kit in your hands fast for professional or DIY work.