Is My Top Fabric or Vinyl?

Is My Top Fabric or Vinyl?

The best laid plans for cleaning and protecting your convertible top can be thwarted if you use the wrong product; instead of providing a better life for the top, you can end up with a real mess on your hands. Fabric tops are woven fibers, vinyl is a solid synthetic sheet. If you aren't sure, contact your dealer or any automotive trim shop help. Keep in mind that a previous owner could have installed a custom top of a different material.

From Marian A.
I called my dealer who said the soft top on my 2004 S2000 was canvas. You folks told me it was vinyl. I finally called HondaUSA and they confirmed that it was, indeed, vinyl. I guess you guys know your stuff.

Don't Know If Your Convertible Top is Fabric or Vinyl?
RAGGTOPP Easy Test Method

Place water on your convertible top and rub gently with your fingers.

If the water absorbs into the convertible top. You have fabric convertible top.

If the water smears and stays on the top. You have vinyl convertible top.