Complete BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Application Guide

Complete BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Application Guide

When it comes to paint protection, finding a product that is easy to apply, provides ample protection from UV rays and other environmental contamination, and provides a sleek, shining finish is tough. But BLACKFIRE has managed to check all of the most common must-have boxes with the BLACKFIRE HydroSeal.

BLACKFIRE HydroSeal is an expertly formulated product designed to make applying durable SiO2 protection to your paint easier than it has ever been. A simple spray and rinse application means you can apply BLACKFIRE HydroSeal to your entire paint surface in mere minutes. With an extremely hydrophobic formula, BLACKFIRE HydroSeal creates a very high surface tension that causes water to bead right off of the surface, eliminating the risk of water spotting.

What makes BLACKFIRE HydroSeal especially unique is the method of application. Not only do you just spray and rinse – it’s applied to WET paint, meaning you don’t have to dry after washing; you can skip right to the protection process!

BLACKFIRE HydroSeal being applied in a 1,2,3 step.

Check out the complete process of applying BLACKFIRE HydroSeal – from start to finish!

Step 1. Wash

As with any detailing project, starting with a clean surface is a must. You can use any method of washing – two buckets, one bucket, waterless, rinseless, etc.; you just have to make sure all surface contamination is fully removed.

Filling wash bucket with shampoo and water to wash car. Completely rinse away the car wash to continue

Once the wash has been rinsed away, you can clearly see there is no water beading or sheeting on the surface; meaning there’s been no protection applied.

Step 2. Decontaminate (Optional)

If it’s been a while since your vehicle has been decontaminated, you can do so before applying BLACKFIRE HydroSeal. This step is not required, but use your best judgement. Remember, a fully cleaned surface will bond better with your chosen protection products, providing longer results.

Mechanically decontaminating car with clay mitt Decontaminating surface with clay mitt

This car was mechanically decontaminated using the Cobra Clay Mitt and a car wash solution as the lubricant. This will pull contamination from the surface, ensuring the BLACKFIRE HydroSeal is bonding properly.

Step 3. BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Application

Only work on one panel at a time. Spray BLACKFIRE HydroSeal directly onto the wet paint; 3-5 sprays should be plenty. Immediately rinse away using a strong jet of water. You’ll start to notice the water beading immediately, meaning the product has already started working!

Spraying BLACKFIRE HydroSeal onto wet hood Rinsing BLACKFIRE HydroSeal immediately away

Continue using this same method around the entirety of the vehicle. BLACKFIRE HydroSeal can be used on paint, glass, and metal (yes, even wheels)!

Water beading on car immediately after application Water beading on surface immediately after application


Spraying BLACKFIRE HydroSeal onto glass window Applying BLACKFIRE HydroSeal onto wheels


And now check out the water beading on these treated surfaces!


Intense water beading on car after application of BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Water beading after applying BLACKFIRE HydroSeal


Water beading on wheels after applying BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Water beading on window after applying BLACKFIRE HydroSeal


Again, we want to stress how important it is to rinse the product away immediately after application. Too long of a dwell time can cause smearing and streaking. That’s why we recommend only working on one panel at a time.

And there you have it! Using BLACKFIRE HydroSeal as your chosen product of protection will save you both time and money without compromising results – it really is as easy as spraying, rinsing, and walking away!