Pinnacle Citrus Splash All Purpose Cleaner Review

Pinnacle Citrus Splash All Purpose Cleaner Review

Pinnacle Citrus Splash All Purpose Cleaner Guide

What if I told you that every all-purpose cleaner was not made the same? That they all don't rely on chemical cleaning agents to accomplish the job? While it's obvious that every brand isn't packaging the same product, how can you tell when one really stands out amount the rest? The best way I can illustrate this is using one of my personal favorites as an example. Pinnacle Citrus Splash is everything that I want out of an APC and more! The formulation forgoes the standard phosphates, butyl, and harsh cleaners that other brands rely on. Pinnacle Citrus Splash utilizes natural citrus oils that dissolve contamination across multiple surfaces. This provides you with a natural alternative that is truly safer for the materials you're cleaning. And even better, the natural oils will provide you with a dark, satin sheen on your plastics.

Pinnacle Citrus Splash may have a different formulation than other APC products, but it is still just as versatile. Pinnacle Citrus Splash can be used around your entire vehicle; interior plastics and rubbers, carpet and fabrics, paint, and glass, everything! The key to its versatility, aside from the formulation, is the dilution ratios. Like many all-purpose cleaners, Pinnacle can be adjusted in strength to match the cleaning task at hand. Pinnacle Citrus Splash is a fully concentrated product and should always be diluted. With a dilution ratio ranging from 1: 10 for heavy contamination such as grease and oils, to 1:30 for light cleaning on fragile materials like fabrics, Pinnacle Citrus Splash has a ratio for any task!

Pinnacle Citrus Splash All Purpose Cleaner can be diluted for many different purposes.   Pinnacle Citrus Splash All Purpose Cleaner can be diluted for many different purposes.

What are words without proof? Let's show you exactly how powerful this product is! Let's start out with the gas cap hatch on this white Honda Civic. The contamination is a mix of grease and mildew from evaporating fuel residues. First and foremost, make sure that gas cap is tight! Pinnacle Citrus Splash is a natural and safe product, but it is not a fuel additive! Using the product at full strength, I saturated the area and let the product dwell for 3-5 minutes while ensuring the product does not dry. Once the product has had a few minutes to work I follow it up with some light agitation with a Speed Master Detail Brush. This brush comes as part of a set and provides you with the perfect size brush for every spot on your exterior. Once we've worked the entire area, simply rinse it clean. Notice the sheen to the plastics? We'll highlight this again on another part of the vehicle.

Pinnacle Citrus Splash All Purpose Cleaner can be used to clean this dirty wheel well.   Spray solution directly onto the dirty area to get started.
Use a specialty brush to scrub the surface of any dirt or debris.   And just like that, it's clean of all gunk!

Another area where this product really shines is on wheel wells. I take my F-350 everywhere, including some remote camping spots. The aggressive TOYO AT/II tires are good for moving right from the highway to the great outdoors, but it will certainly sling some dirt, mud, and whatever else you run over along the way. Using a dilution ratio of 1:20, I use the same technique as before. Spray the area and let the product do most of the work. After letting it dwell for about 2 minutes, I follow up with a fender well brush to break the last of the contamination loose. Again, you'll see how the natural citrus oils do double duty. This key ingredient has dissolved the built-up grime and left a clean, natural sheen to the surface.

Next, let's see how Pinnacle Citrus Splash All Purpose Cleaner cleans this fuel hatch.   Spray cleaner directly onto surface and allow to dwell.
Use a Speed Master Detailing Brush to agitate the surface.   Now the fuel hatch is clean!

This effect can be seen around the entire vehicle. Inside and out. From interior surfaces to exterior trim, Pinnacle Citrus Splash can handle the worst while still providing you the benefits of a gentle cleaner. This unique take on a classic product will, without doubt, raise the bar on what you can expect from an If you're ready to raise the bar on what you can expect from an all purpose cleaner.

You can also use Pinnacle Citrus Splash All Purpose Cleaner to clean exterior trim.   The cleaning formula quickly removes dirt, gunk, and other debris.
Using a mechanical scrub brush increases the cleaning power.   Just one treatment and it's clean!