Car covers and so much more!

Covercraft is most widely known for their car covers, and with good reason. They have been making custom-patterned car covers since 1965. You could say they pioneered the custom cover market. Though they were the first, they are still the best source of custom car covers for a huge list of vehicles.

Covercraft is in the business of making patterns. They currently have a catalogue of over 55,000 vehicle patterns and it is continuously growing! Think of all the different makes and models that have been manufactured in the last 20, 40, or even 60 years. Covercraft has and they've designed a pattern to fit nearly all of them! Covercraft also offers Ready Fit covers in select fabrics. For those drivers who want quality protection at a moderate price, a Ready Fit cover is a perfect fit.

Pet Accessories
The The Pet Pad Seat Protector is a waterproof, tear-resistant cover for your back seat. It will keep the seat clean, dry, and scratch-free on road trips. Canine Covers are another great way to protect your upholstery from your pets. Choose from custom, semi-custom, or economy-priced covers. Plus, Canine Covers makes a cushioned, water-resistant cover for your cargo area called a Cargo Area Bed Liner. But, if your pet is content to stay at home, treat him to The Ultimate Dog Bed.

Seat Protection
If you're more concerned about protecting your seats from yourself and your passenger, consider Covercraft SeatGloves. The gloves are designed to cover the portion of the seat where your body makes contact. The fabric is highly breathable so that water and perspiration dry quickly, rather than soaking into your seat. For drivers with an active lifestyle, SeatGloves are a smart option.

Covercraft items ship from the manufacturer via ground service. Expedited and international shipping are not available. Addition discounts do not apply to Covercraft products.