Wolfgang Spot Eliminator Review & How To

Wolfgang Spot Eliminator Review & How To


by Mike Phillips

Tested out the Wolfgang Spot Remover on a high traffic area of a passenger side floor mat to see how well it would work on restoring the clean, bright lettering sewn into the carpet which was gray when we removed the mat.

Manufacturer states this is a water-based cleaner that's industrial strength yet safe to fibers, fabrics and other surfaces. Formula includes extra wetting-agents plus a technologically advanced concentrate to the mix, which enhances ease of use, repels future stains and coats and protects individual fibers. German super polymers are an additive in Wolfgang Spot Eliminator.

Product label states it can be used to safely remove spots and stains from various interior surfaces like spills, coffee stains, dirt and grime, food stains, ink, perspiration etc.

To test out the product I just simply followed the directions.

1. Vacuum affected area first to remove all loose particles.
2. Spray Wolfgang Spot Eliminator directly on the stain. Allow cleaner to sit and penetrated for 20-30 seconds.
3. Agitate with a brush or damp sponge.
4. Wipe or pat dry with a clean terry or microfiber towel.

Here's the process and results...

Here's the lettering before we start the cleaning process. I've placed a white microfiber next to it to show the contrast in coloring.

Next, I'll vacuum the entire carpet really well to remove any loose dirt. This is key because if you don't remove the loose dirt, spraying any kind of liquid onto it will tend to dissolve some types of dirt particles but will leach whatever is loose further into the carpet. So always vacuum first and remove as much loose stuff as possible.

Use a vacuum to remove any loose dirt out of the carpet before spraying any kind of liquid.

Before spraying the lettering I sprayed some of the cleaner to an inconspicuous area and then watched it to make sure the dye used to make the mat is colorfast. (It was). Next, I sprayed the spot remover directly onto the lettering.

Next, I used a carpet brush to agitate the cleaner against the lettering.

Note: I did NOT scrub the brush back and forth over the threads but simple rested the bristles against the threads and then more or less gyrated the bristle against the threads without physically moving the bristles over them as this could loosen the threads and cause them to fray.

Next I took the clean, dry microfiber and pressed it firmly into the threads and the fibers surrounding the lettering. Then I placed the microfiber next to the lettering with the soiled side up (this part is optional but it really shows you how much dirt was removed!).

Wolfgang Spot Eliminator worked great and was so simple and easy to use.

Here are the sections cropped out of the above two photos placed side-by-side.