Mothers Clay Kit How-To & Review by Mike Phillips

Mothers Clay Kit How-To & Review by Mike Phillips

Mothers California Gold Clay Kit

What is it? Polybutene plastic material with a pulverized abrasive in it.

What does it do? Removes above surface bonded contaminants like overspray paint, industrial pollution, tree sap mist, etc.

When do I use it? After first washing and drying your car and before doing any paint correction or waxing.

Why should I use it? To remove all the contaminants that build-up over time to the exterior surfaces of your car. Often times contaminants form such a strong bond to the paint that washing alone will not remove them and in cases like this, claying the paint is the preferred method.

My comments... Mothers clay is a safe way to remove contaminants that build-up over time to restore a clean paint finish perfect for waxing or doing any paint correction work such as polishing by hand or machine.

Looks can be deceiving...

A couple of weeks ago Yancy and I we're using this low mileage 2015 Z28 Camaro for a video. Although to most people, the paint on this Camaro looked perfect. Yes, perfect.

Red Camaro with perfect looking paint.

But the Baggie Test told a different story....

Baggies test on red Camaro.

Baggies test on red Camaro.

Baggies test on red Camaro

Baggies test on red Camaro

The Mothers Clay Kit

Mothers has upgraded their popular Clay Bar Paint Saving System to include 2 clay bars and a soft microfiber towel.

Mother's Clay Kit.

Mothers Clay Kit

After claying, the paint was as smooth as glass and ready for the next steps...

Mothers Clay Kit


Mother's Clay Kit performs as advertised and it's super easy to use. After claying the paint all the tiny bumps I could feel via the baggie test had been removed and how the paint felt like it was brand new again. The kit comes with two large 200 gram bars of clay and after kneading a single clay bar into a patty it's more than ample to tackle any car including any full size vehicles like trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles. Just follow the directions on the side of the box and you can't go wrong. Not only will you restore a smooth surface, which will also restore maximum gloss, the paint will now be prepared for the next step of either sealing the paint or doing some paint correction work.

The Mother's Instant Detailer works great as both a spray detailer for removing light dust, fingerprints and smudges as well as working great as a clay lube. I think it has a cinnamon scent that's just yummy to smell. Together the clay and the detailer plus an included microfiber towel provide everything you need to clay your car's paint and other smooth surfaces.

Question? When is the last time you clayed your car's paint?

Maybe it's time to go to the kitchen, get a sandwich baggie and do the Baggie Test to your car's paint.