Mildew Stain Removers

Unsightly mildew stains and mold growth are an all-too-common issue for boat owners. But with Marine 31 mildew remover, you can combat this effect of being on and around the water. They are safe for rubber, fiberglass, vinyl, fabric and just about every other marine material. You can also use them as a car mold cleaner if you own a convertible, go off-roading, accidentally spill a beverage or drive in a damp and warm environment.

Between our love for the roads and the water, has encountered a lot of mold and mildew blotches. We developed the Marine 31 brand especially for these types of problems. Whether you’re using them for cleaning a Bimini top or as a car exterior stain remover, these products are formulated to deliver lasting results.

Marine-Grade Mildew Clean-Up

Instead of gambling on DIY methods to remove mildew stains, go with proven formulas at competitive prices. Marine 31 Mildew Stain Remover breaks up the most severe stains and growth in seconds while using no volatile cleaners. You can get it as a convenient pump spray or powerful gel. Mildew cleaner kits include microfiber towels, carpet brushes and other tools at a discounted price.

Want to stop mildew from forming in the first place? Use Marine 31 Mildew Guard that also protects against UV fade and salt corrosion. These products work on screens, coolers, concrete slabs, bathroom tiles and many other items. Read our Marine 31 Mildew Stain Remover Home Guide to see more of the ways that it can restore surfaces like new.