Shut-Off Valve & Quick Connector Review

Shut-Off Valve & Quick Connector Review

Two "Must Have" Car Washing Tools - The Brass Shut-off Valve & Brass Quick Connector

by Mike Phillips

Without a doubt, the Single Brass Connector Shut-off Valve is one of the best car washing tools ever invented. Period.

Look, we can all discuss which wash mitt we love the best or which car wash soap is our favorite, or talk about hose nozzles, foam guns or pressure washers, but once we get past that, no matter what your personal preference might be, we all have to turn the water on and off. That's where the Single Brass Connector Shut Off Valve comes into play.

The Single Brass Connector Shut Off Valve
If I were to count how many steps I've taken over a lifetime to walk back and forth to the water spigot to either turn the water on or turn the water off I could have walked a hundred miles by now easily.

If you don't already have one of these energy and time saving brass shut-off valves on the end of every one of your water hoses around the house or shop, then you're missing boat. Once you use a brass water shut-off valve one time you'll never want to be without it again. Yes, that's what I typed, one time.

So take a look at these pictures as they tell the story and then imagine yourself the next time you're using a water hose for ANYTHING and imagine how great it would be if you didn't have to walk all the way back to the water spigot each time you wanted to either turn the water on or turn the water off.

This is another must-have tool in your detailing arsenal of tools...

How it works
It's really simple and will give you years of service.There's a swivel ball valve that turns with the knob to close off the opening. Easy open, easy close.

The Brass Quick Connector
If you've already equipped all your water hoses with a Brass Connector Shut Off Valve, either a single, a double or a 4-way, you're already way ahead of the curve but let me show you another handy tool that's just as cool.

This quick disconnect fitting enables you to switch between water tools on the fly!

With a leak-proof seal, you can quickly and easily remove your Fire Hose Nozzle and switch to your Foam Gun in seconds without having to find a pair of pliers to loosen and then tighten the threaded end of your water hose off or onto one of your water tools.

The Brass Quick Connector


Brass Male Quick Connects 3 Pack

How it works...

Simply pull the release back...

Slide the male end of a brass connector into the brass female connector...

Then let go of the release and you're ready for action!