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Fire Hose Nozzle

Fire Hose Nozzle

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This heavy duty nozzle will be the last one you ever buy!

I donít know about you, but Iíve gone through a lot of hose nozzles over the years. I canít tell you how many of those plastic nozzles have passed through my garage on their way to the trash! I ran over a couple and a few I just dropped and that was the end of them. Theyíre cheap enough to replace but, over the long run, I think I lost a lot of money by not investing in a quality nozzle. A few years ago, I found a version of this Fire Hose Nozzle and I havenít purchased a plastic nozzle since.

I recently upgraded to this particular nozzle because the construction is just so impressive. This Fire Hose Nozzle is made out of stainless steel encased in thick rubber. Iíve dropped it, Iíve drug it across my driveway, and it still performs like new. The threaded brass insert (where the hose goes) has a rubber gasket to prevent leaking. The outer rubber rings absorb impact and they also protect your vehicle if you accidentally hit the paint.

Using a Fire Hose Nozzle instead of a plain old plastic nozzle has a lot of benefits:

First, this nozzle provides enough water pressure to blast grime off your vehicle. If you own an SUV or jeep with those highly visible wheel wells, youíll love how this nozzle blasts the mud and muck out of there. Remove stubborn grime from body panels without scrubbing or scraping. The Fire Hose Nozzle is like having your own touch-free car wash at home!

Secondly, the Fire Hose Nozzle has a range of 40 feet. If youíre not too fond of getting wet while you wash your vehicle, take a few steps back. You can rinse your vehicle at a safe distance with this nozzle and it will still have enough water pressure to do an effective job. Also rinse off vinyl siding, RVs, vans, and second story windows without a ladder.

Thirdly, you can adjust the spray from a strong jet to a gentle fan spray and everything in between. Just turning the nozzle gives you several spray options. I like to use the jet for mud and bird droppings. Then I switch to a more natural flow for general rinsing. I use the fan spray on the flower beds but you can also use it to duplicate the ďspot-free rinseĒ you get at the car wash. The molded rubber encasing ensures you can twist the nozzle with wet hands.

The Fire Hose Nozzle fits onto any standard garden hose. I recommend using a thicker hose so you can get the most water pressure.

When youíre finished rinsing, donít forget to dry your vehicle with the Cobra Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave Microfiber Towel. This super absorbent weave is paint-safe and very soft. Drying after each wash is a big step towards preventing water spots and mineral deposits.

If youíre looking for a hose nozzle that will last, this is it. The Fire Hose Nozzleís sturdy construction will give you years of trouble-free performance. It may be the last nozzle you ever buy!

AutoGeek is a trusted name for carrying quality products. They also carry a wide selection of products, so the choices are many. I appreciated the car care articles on their website, which helped me to decide on the right products for my cars. I received my shipment on time, and the items were packed with care.
C. McAfee, Lake Forest, CA

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Great product
get it
South Point, OH
Sturdy Nozzle
I believe this nozzle is very durable and most important it has a good water stream.
ProsDurability Strong Water Stream
Blast the dirt off
I was using a water saving nozzle here in California. I dropped it and it cracked. The firehose nozzle does not break if dropped. I like the stronger steady stream it puts out or switch to a flooding stream for the final rinse.
Prosdoes not break if dropped good variety of sprays
Consleaks just a little when turned off must readjust spray each time turned on
Highly Recommended
Beautifully constructed and have a smooth operation.
Sunrise, FL
Great nozzle
very powerful nozzle great spray to loosen dirt