Gel Coat Polishing & Oxidation Removal

As oxidation and yellowing build up on a boat’s gel coat, it can leave a once-mighty vessel looking ready for the salvage yard. This breakdown can be caused by UV degradation, chemicals and other factors. Either way, you end up with “boat rust” that hampers the appearance and performance.

The good news is that paint oxidation is easy to remove and reverse with the right cleaners and polishes.  Autogeek has products from Duragloss, Collinite and our exclusive Marine 31 brand that will remove the toughest chalky powder and rejuvenate faded colors. When you’re done, it will look like you just gave your hull a fresh coat while spending a fraction of the money.

Polish Away Oxidation with Autogeek

Use our oxidation cleaners for fast, easy and effective boat care. The Marine 31 Boat Oxidation Removal Kit contains everything for oxidation cleanup and prevention, including heavy-cut oxidation cleaner, final-step polish, sealant and foam pads. These products are available to purchase separately along with Gel Coat Gloss and Color Restorer and fiberglass cleaner. Short on time? All-in-one oxidation removers eliminate the need for separate compound, polish and wax stages.

As a South Florida-based company, we’ve spent a lot of time on the water and understand your marine care needs. Visit the Autogeek YouTube channel and search “boat oxidation” for a series of videos on how to remove boat oxidation on gel coat finishes. If you’re not using a one-step formula, add a gel coat protection wax or coating to reduce the chances of future oxidation.