Quick Tree Sap Removal Guide

Quick Tree Sap Removal Guide

With the leaves back in bloom (hello, spring!), we’re also starting to see a rise in tree sap spotting. If you have the misfortune of an under-tree parking spot, you’ve probably seen those sticky areas that can’t be removed with a regular car wash. That’s when a dedicated adhesive remover is necessary – and we’ve got plenty of products that will help you quickly unstick this sticky mess!

Group product shot featuring bug, tar, and sap removers.

Products used in tree sap-removal come in a variety of different products – and not all of them are labeled “sap removers”. You’ll see some labeled as degreasers, like BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser, and some as tar removers, like the DP Tar & Adhesive Remover. However, they do essentially the same job – remove stickiness from the surface of your vehicle without leaving behind any residue that will continue to harm your paint.

Most adhesive removing products use the same basic steps for removal:

Step 1. Spray On.

Spraying DP Tar And Adhesive Remover onto the surface. Spraying Optimum T.A.R. Remover onto the surface.

Be sure to check the directions for each individual product, but most are simply sprayed onto the tree sap using 1-4 sprays.

Step 2. Allow to Dwell.

Again, as with step 1, be sure to check and see what the dwell time is for each individual product. Also depending on the length of time the tree sap had been there, which type of tree the sap came from, and several other factors, a longer dwell time or second application may be necessary.

Step 3. Agitate

Depending on the severity of the contamination, you may need to agitate the staining with a microfiber towel or paint-safe brush.

Step 4. Wipe Away.

Be sure to wipe away any remaining residue. If necessary, you can use an APC to aid in the removal of these products.

Step 5. Reapply Protection.

Along with any tree sap or adhesives left on the surface, these products will also remove any surface protection already applied so be sure you go back over the area with your preferred protective product. Obviously applying a paint coating to just one area isn’t practical, but you can use a spray wax or spray sealant to hold you over until you’re able to recoat your car next time.

While removing tree sap from your vehicle’s surface may seem like a daunting task, using the right products ensures you can get it done fast AND correctly, without causing any future damage. Be sure to check out our full line up of bug, tar, tree sap, and adhesive removing products!