Wash Mitts, Sponges & Brushes & Misc. Wash Tools

Wash Mitts, Sponges & Brushes & Misc. Wash Tools

In addition to having the right car washing shampoos to clean your vehicle, you’ll also need the right tools and accessories. Any time you’re looking for a car wash mitt, a new sponge or any other item, you can find it at Autogeek.net. We only sell high-performance car wash products that we have tested to prove they work. This includes established brands such as CarPro, Montana Boars Hair, Gyeon Quartz and SONAX — plus our in-house brands that offer amazing performance and value.

Enjoy Every Wash with the Right Supplies

With the right car wash sponge or mitt, cleaning a vehicle is a new experience. Materials such as microfiber, wool and chenille help lift dirt off the surface while leaving no scratches or streaks. We have car wash pads, long-handle brushes, gloves, towels and every other way to lather suds.

Many other tools are available to deliver amazing shine. If your shop only has access to hard water, get a CR Spotless De-ionized Water Filtration System along with replacement resin and filter cartridges. They remove minerals that can leave unsightly water spots on paint and glass. We also have pressure washers, shampoo measuring cups, shut-off valves and all the other must-have tools for serious detailers.

Washing Done Right

Autogeek provides the education and training you need to use these car sponges, wash mitts and other supplies. Our guide on How to Properly Wash & Dry Your Car is a great starting point for beginners. Select a product to learn more about its uses and see reviews from real customers.