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BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant

Don't just turn heads.... CREATE WHIPLASH!

BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant is a premium paint sealant designed for the perfectionist. It creates an extremely slick finish and incredible depth with a revolutionary blend of three incredible polymers. Sourced from Germany and Switzerland, these polymers have a protective quality and depth of gloss that surpassed all others tested. BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant refracts light, similar to a diamond, to create a vibrant, super slippery, head-turning finish.

BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant is the state-of-the-art paint sealant. The tri-polymer system results in a true blanket of protection on your paint. It is almost impenetrable to environmental fall-out and contamination. The increased surface area of active polymers creates a microscopically level surface that reflects light across the spectrum and creates a super slick surface with little drag. You can feel the Wet Diamond polymers at work. Because each of the Wet Diamond polymers reflect and refract light differently, you are left with a look that is unique and without compromise. We have achieved the depth and shimmer (created by bending the light) of a carnauba wax, while maintaining the characteristic high-gloss shine of a paint sealant.

But the unique dripping wet look of BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant is only the beginning of the story. The Wet Diamond polymers form a tight matrix of protection on the surface of your vehicle. This sealant has it all: looks, durability, and the ability to protect your paint from acid rain, bug remains, contamination, environmental fallout, and water spots. BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant is further boosted with Polycharger for maximum shine, slickness, and longevity.

BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant
BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant can be applied by hand or with a DA or orbital polisher.
BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant applied with a FLEX XC 3401 VRG Orbital Polisher.

BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant is a sophisticated oil-in-water emulsion is safe for all finishes, with or without a clear coat. This emulsion contains a small amount of a very refined mineral spirit in a water base. Multiple coats can be layered to deepen the gloss without drying or weakening the paint.

BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant can be applied by hand or dual action polisher. It applies easily and buffs off uniformly even in climates of high heat and high humidity. You simply walk around your car wiping on and buffing off as you go. Nearly effortless.

Wet Diamond’s incredible shine is resistant to detergent washings and ultraviolet radiation. This keeps your car’s finish protected month after month and wash after wash.

BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant can be used by itself as a final sealant or as the foundation of BLACKFIRE's signature Wet Ice Over Fire shine.


  • Creates a deep gloss that “shimmers” like water.
  • Colors radiate with depth and clarity.
  • Highly resistant to UV and infrared radiation.
  • Safe for all painted finishes.


For best results clay the paint first with BLACKFIRE Poly Clay and polish with BLACKFIRE Paint Cleaner or BLACKFIRE Polish.

Hand Application: Always use on a cool surface out of direct sunlight. Apply a quarter size amount of product on a dry applicator pad and wipe on the surface using small, circular motions. Allow Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection to dry before buffing. Buff haze with a clean Cobra microfiber towel.

Machine Application: Apply BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant using a finishing pad or wax pad on an orbital polisher, such as the FLEX XC 3401 VRG Orbital Polisher. Work on a small area, about 24 to 24 inches square, out of direct sunlight. Apply two 6 to 8 inch lines of All Finish Paint Protection directly onto the surface. With the machine off, spread the sealant over the surface using the dry foam pad. This coats the foam pad and the paint with sealant. Place the pad on the paint and turn the machine on. Set the speed dial on the polisher between 3 and 4. Work the pad over the surface in a back-and-forth motion and then an up-and-down motion. Apply until the sealant starts to dry. Cover one section of the vehicle at a time (i.e. the hood, a door, fender, etc.) Allow a haze to form. Hand buff to a brilliant shine with a Cobra Microfiber Towel.

Optional top coat for maximum impact:

For ultimate depth and wetness, apply one coat of BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant and allow to cure for eight hours. Top with two coats of BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Ivory Carnauba Paste Wax. The resulting shine is wetness over energy, a Wet Ice over Fire Shine!

BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant is VOC compliant in all 50 states.

32 oz.

BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant

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Review Summary
49 Reviews
90% (44)
8% (4)
0% (0)
2% (1)
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51% Recommend this product (25 of 49 responses)
By Richard
rockaway park, NY
July 31, 2017
Dust residule...
leaves too much dust behind. Not a great product.
By ScottH
April 4, 2017
Top Notch
Among the countless sealants I've used, this one is among the best in terms of Paint gloss and slickness. You truly feel and see the difference. I always apply by hand, but can be applied by machine. I've always had a strong affinity to applying most LSP's by hand for the relaxation of it after a full day of polishing if nothing else. Sheds rain water effortlessly. Did I mentioned the shine it creates? These pics are just the sealant - not topped with Midnight Ivory Sun (yet)
ProsRemoves effortlessly once cured. Shine ranks right up there with some decent carnauba paste waxes.
ConsSome may consider it expensive but I would argue this is a true case of value. You need very little product to obtain amazing results making it a solid buy.
By Guy Watson
Cathedral City Ca
August 12, 2016
Black Fire Paint Protection
This product is by far the best wax, paint protection I have ever used. I own and operate a mobile detailing business - I average 80 details a month and all customers are completely satisfied with the way there car turns out. The wax is so easy to put on by hand and take off, it takes a lot less time for the job to be completed with this product, and the shine comes out perfect everytime.
Proseasy on and off protection lasts for months
By Bruce
Florence Oregon
August 4, 2016
Fantastic Wet-look Shine
I have been using Blackfire All Paint Sealant for almost two years. I applied it to my 911, a buddies Vette, a BMW 550, G37, Ram truck, my Acura, my black Ford 250 and some others. It delivers a great shine every time without fail. Of course I properly prepared the paint first. I always get a lot of positive comments. Highly recommend this product.
ProsEasy on easy off. Fantastic shine. Very good durability. Apply thin so a little goes a long way.
By John
Raleigh, NC
May 12, 2016
Great Product - only if you apply it by machine
Honestly, I am really kind of split on my feelings about this. The end result is really nice, a beautiful glossy sheen and a super slick feeling that seems to get even more slick after it cures for a day of two. My car is a Ford with Ruby Red paint and the metallic flecks really show through. My only issue with the product is that to get the best result and outcome is if you apply it with a dual action machine. This stuff needs to go on thin or it'll take some effort to remove, you simply can't get it on thin enough by hand. I tried it both ways, really just for the heck of it. When I put it on by hand, the product was not easy to work with, wen through too much product (that may be more of the fault of a thirsty foam applicator though), was tough to remove and created a lot of white dust, like waxes from years ago. When I used a DAP it went on beautifully, hazed over quickly, came off with barely any effort and barely had any dust. It really was a day and night experience depending on how I applied it. Long story short, this is an amazing product!
ProsBeautiful gloss Super slick surface Slickness and gloss seemed to improve after a day Really makes my red metallic paint sparkle Looks even more amazing when topped with carnuba wax
Cons• Not great to work with and can tough to remove if applied by hand • If applied by hand, you'll end up with a lot of white dust • This is a small Con, but the stuff smells like paint thinner