> > > Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant 16 oz.

Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant 16 oz.

Lock out contaminants. Lock in the shine!

Jescar, the maker of fine polishing compounds, offers you another innovative option for paint protection: Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant. This high gloss, low effort sealant locks out environmental contaminants and UV rays to preserve your vehicle's clear coat in pristine condition. Fast application and rewarding results will make Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant a staple in your detailing collection.

The power is in the polymers! Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant is a sophisticated blend of polymers that interlock across the paint, forming a virtual suit of armor to block out the elements. With a new or newly reconditioned paint finish, you want the most effective paint sealant you can get. In an OEM setting, you want the fastest application possible. With Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant, you get both.
Jescar Power Lock can be applied by hand or machine. To achieve the best results, machine apply Power Lock with a dual action polisher equipped with a foam finishing pad.

Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant offers the latest polymer technology that not only lasts longer, it feels slicker to the touch. While it's blocking UV radiation and environmental damage, it's also keeping the paint cleaner with a super slick finish. Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant is totally synthetic so it stands up well to regular washes and rain showers and it keeps on protecting your vehicle.

Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant can be applied by hand or with a polisher. For the fastest application, we recommend using an orbital polisher like the FLEX XC 3401 Polisher or the Porter Cable 7424XP. Either machine will give you effortless coverage. Use a foam finishing pad to apply. Then buff using a soft, clean Cobra Microfiber Towel.

Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant is a great choice for a vehicle that is in new condition or one that has just been reconditioned using Jescar compounds or polishes.

You'll be impressed with the speed, shine, and slickness of Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant. Then you'll be hooked on the outstanding paint protection.

16 oz.

Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant 16 oz.

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Jacksonville, FL
Slickest ever.
Buy it. Use it. Be amazed.
Love it
Great product. It's easy to apply and leaves a nice shine. I only used one coat but my car is now easier to clean, and bugs come right off. It's very hydrophobic, speeding up drying time. It's definitely worth the price.
Richmond, VA
Signed, sealed, delivered
I selected Jescar Paint Sealant after watching plenty of videos. Surface prep is key. With stripping, then surface care including water-based cutting polish, Jescar application was easy. Using a DA polisher, you need to let the sealant dry. Removal is a couple of swipes. I used as a final coat on a solid color car and as a first step on a metallic color car, which received 2 coats of Collinite to finish the project. Coat lightly, don't mix incompatible polishes and use on a cloudy or in a covered area.

It remains to be seen whether the single coat will be durable or not.
ProsEasy application, easy removal
ConsPolishing pads can be cleaned afterwards, but not usable for other treatments.
Works like it says.
I added two coats 4 hours apart from each other and the beading, sheeting was there. Also tested with some degreaser and it still stayed there.
I used the Pinnacle Paintwork Cleanse Lotion first and the Jescar Power Lock + Sealant second to improve my 8 year old sports car lustre and shine.
I am going to use the Collinite Carnuba Wax as my final coat in a five step process: wash, clay, cleanse lotion, Jescar Sealant, and Collinite Wax. I have done this all by hand. (Out of $$). I need a DA Polisher. So far the results have been better than expected and I expected very good results. I am very impressed with 3 factors:the ease to remove the sealant, the lack of a white powder or residue on the trim pieces and finally the shiny wet look results which is beautiful. Love that deep warm look in the paint.
ProsEasy clean removal of sealant.
ConsLong shipment time. I am on the west coast.