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Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant

Long lasting shine and water beading on any exterior surface!

Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant is simple to use spray on, wipe off paint sealant that will provide your paint with amazing protection, water beading, and shine for months! Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant was developed using unique polymer protectants that are safe to use on any surface of your car’s exterior. Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant can also be applied to any surface, whether it is dry or wet!

Renny Doyle has been a titan in the detailing industry for over 25 years! During his time in the detailing industry, he has traveled all around the world providing a wide range of detailers, collectors, business owners, and celebrities his detailing services and education. All of the products in the Renny Doyle Collection by P&S are endorsed by the legendary detailer himself, Renny Doyle.

Finishing products are a crucial aspect of car detailing; they provide protection to your vehicle after you have spent countless hours carefully compounding and polishing every single scratch, swirl, and mark out of your paint. Without the proper protection, your car’s paint would be back to looking scuffed and dull within weeks, leaving you to do the entire paint correct process all over again. When looking for a finishing product, there is no better choice for a finishing product than the Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant. Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant will be able to provide your paint with months of high quality protection from the elements that your car is typically exposed to. It does so using a formula consisting of unique polymer protectants that are designed to evenly coat your car and last a long time, even in the harsher climates.

Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant also leaves your paint with a wonderful hydrophobicity that will ensure water nearly leaps off your paint! Couple that with the brilliant high gloss shine, and you have a finishing product that will give people whiplash when you drive down the road.

Wash your vehicle before applying Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant. Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant can be applied to a wet or dry surface, but overall performance and results will be improved if applied to dry paint. Simply spray Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant onto your paint, then wipe it off with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Once the entirety of the Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant is wiped off of your vehicle, give the product 8-10 hours to full cure.

16 oz.

Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant

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Thousand Oaks
Renny Doyle Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant
This is an excellent product, it goes on easy, Buffs out easy and the depth f the shine is fantastic. Water beads right off, nothing sticks to it, after washing the vehicle it takes very little time to dry and the microfiber towel just slides across the surface.
ProsEasy to use
ConsA little work to wipe off
Get a gallon!
I have been using this as a drying agent after I wash and blow most of the water off my car. As the layers have built up with use, my paint's finish has reached a new level of gloss, slickness and water repellency. Bead Maker is one of those products like Prima Hydro that cures and looks noticeably shiner the next day.

Top tip: Use Bead Maker as a lubricant for clay when removing small spots of contamination that you may find during drying. It provides great lubrication for the clay and eliminates the need to reapply a sealant or wax to the area afterwards.
ProsInsane shine. Repels water and dirt. Ease of use.
Dallas, Texas
Great Product

I am a Professional Detailer in the great state of Texas. This product is an excellent choice for certain Detail packages and / or certain budgets and / or specific situations,.
ProsIt adds instant value with its glossy shine and super slick finish, our Clients literally have a jaw dropping WOW when they see their vehicles. The price point, ease of application, and instant results are undeniably amazing.
ConsThe Texas Sun In Texas we have very serious Summers and this product does not like the heat, or direct sunlight. We accidently left a gallon in direct sunlight, in our office. The color of the product changed from orange to pink. We also experienced challenges with applications in direct sunlight. Durability: the Texas.Sun is our biggest critic and is extremely unforgiving, This product with all its Pro's (super glossy finish, paint enhancing soft and slickness, ease of application) this Product does not stand up to our Texas Sun there is a remedy, reapply early and often.
Works and it's easy durability questionable
I've been using this Bead Maker for about 6 month on my daily driver 2018 Challenger. It does make your paint feel baby butt smooth but doesn't seem to last all that long maybe a month. I did buy a gallon so no problem having enough to put another coat on. I have at least 6 coats on my car since I have apply it at a rate of once a month. I drive 100 plus miles a day and wash my car once a week. I like it but will try another product once I've used this up. The beading is good and I never dry my car with a towel I use my leaf blower I'm not adding any scratches and when washing i use my Car Pro Sheep hair. Guess I'm looking for something more durable that actually lasts a little longer but I guess that is what we all quest for. I like it for the price and its spray on wipe off so it is easy to use 10 minutes and your whole car is done so that's the give and take. Easy over time spent so 4 stars from me. I like it.
ProsEasy use
Newcastle, OK
I like to take care of my cars when I can on the weekends and don't feel like trying to compound and polish for that shine. This product covers that up and makes the paint shine. First use was on a silver car that was not well cared for and it shines! Wow. Smooth and glossy. I'd buy it again and again.