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BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant 8 oz.

BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant 8 oz.

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Restores, protects, and enhances exterior trim of any color!

BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant is the solution to an issue that plagues almost every vehicle manufactured in the last 30 years – dull, faded, and discolored plastic exterior trim. This thick, gel-like formula penetrates deep into the pores of plastic, rubber, and vinyl exterior trim, restoring the finish to factory-new condition. A traditional trim dressing might last a week or two if you’re lucky; BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant provides MONTHS of durable protection. Use it on tires as a long-lasting, waterproof dressing!

BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant is far more than a trim dressing. This polymer-based trim restorer forms a bond at the molecular level, restoring the surface while coating it in a durable, protective shell. BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant doesn’t wash off in the rain – it actually causes water to bead up like a wax! Treated surfaces will have a factory-fresh appearance – not a sticky, greasy mess like other so-called trim restorers.
This faded bumper is immediately brought back to life with just one layer of BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant!

Use BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant on moldings, bumpers, windshield cowlings, louvers, air vents, wiper arms, window trim, mudguards, side mirror housings, bed rails, door handles, and more! The durable UV inhibitors block the sun’s damaging rays, keeping your trim looking new for months.

BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant is a breeze to apply. Its thick, gel-like formula spreads evenly and dries completely. You can even BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant on hard and smooth surfaces. If used on hard, smooth surfaces, buff the surface dry with a clean microfiber towel. On tires, apply an even coat and allow to dry for 20 minutes before applying an additional coat. Apply multiple coats to tires if you want a glossy, shiny appearance.
BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant is as easy as wiping-on, and wiping-off! The trim on this Kia Soul doesn't look so faded or dull, but when you use the BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant you can see how much improvement is made!

BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant restores, protects, and enhances exterior trim of any color. This polymer-based trim restorer doesn’t contain any dyes or colorants. The formula creates a finish that looks and feels like the day your vehicle was new. BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant will not streak or wash off when it gets wet. The only maintenance required is regular washing with a quality shampoo, like BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Conditioning Shampoo.

Restore, protect, and enhance your trim and tires with BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant!
Use BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant to both clean and restore the faded rubber on your tires quickly and easily!


Clean the surface to be treated with BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner. Ensure surface is completely dry to the touch prior to application of BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant.

Apply BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant to desired surface using a foam or microfiber applicator. If applying to tires, use a foam tire applicator. Apply a nickel-sized amount to applicator and spread a thin, even coat over the surface. Immediately buff surface dry with a microfiber towel. If used on tires, allow to dry before driving.

8 oz.

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Grand Forks, ND
Provides a beautiful finish
I'd been using Chemical Guys VRP for some time and it's a good product. When my cousin asked me what she should buy for cleaning and detailing all the black trim for their Jeep, I discovered Blackfire APC and Tire & Trim sealant. The trim sealant is not colored, so it can be used on any color surface. I first put it to use on this GMC Denali trim - bumpers, running boards, bed trim, etc. and it looks fantastic. I will stick with this product for all my future plastic and molded trim for vehicles.
ProsLeaves a clean feeling surface Does not leave behind residue Dry to the touch
ConsExpensive, but it works.
wilmington, DE
I've had this for a month now , when following the directions it does not streak or bleed , it has lasted now for a month . It also is excellent at "restoring" faded trim . I found it will get at least 1 shade darker the day after applying . Well worth the $ .I attached a 50/ 50 photo of it on a friends 01 Cobra I did for him . The picture only partly shows what an excellent job it did restoring his trim .
ProsLittle goes a long way , deep dark clean stock look
ConsNone yet
Albertville, AL
Initial impression- Impressive
The drainage channel at the base of my windshield was looking a bit tired. The Blackfire Tire & Trim Sealant brought it back to showroom condition. I also used it on the housing for the rear view mirrors and other trim. Curious to see how long it will last.
Gaffney, SC
The Absolute Best
Took the chance to try this out on my personal car, 2016 Dodge Challenger RT with the Blacktop package, so lots of black plastic spoilers and trim to work with. Went on very easy, quick buff and when it was all done, no dried left over product, hazing or obvious swirls from application, just a clean sheen. Also tried it out on the hood stripes even though they are not plastic trim. Darkened it back up and with the rain for the next few days, nice solid beading action from the protectant layer this has. Two weeks later all the trim still has the same great deep shine it did from the day of application.
Boca Raton
Very good!!!
Works just as advertised.
ConsBetter remove it fast from unwanted areas orherwise it is somewhat hard