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Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant 8 oz.

Seal and protect all interior surfaces with one product!

Now you can keep the interior of your car looking and feeling new with a single product that�s incredibly quick and simple to apply. Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant is an invisible, advanced synthetic polymer coating that provides a durable coating of protection and beauty to all leather, plastic, vinyl, rubber, wood and metal interior trim! Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant replaces the need for multiple products!

Wolfgang CockPit Trim Sealant protects all interior surfaces including plastics
Protect all interior surfaces including leather, plastic, vinyl, rubber, wood and metal trim!
Wolfgang CockPitTrim Sealant even protects wood trim!

Without proactive maintenance, interior trim fades, stains, cracks and dries out over time reducing your car�s beauty and value. The sun, extreme temperatures, humidity levels, and normal wear-and-tear are continually attacking your car�s interior trim surfaces and components.

Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant stops deterioration in its tracks with one simple and easy to use product that will cover the surface with a clear synthetic polymer coating. Protect your interior from ultraviolet sun rays, extreme fluctuations in temperatures, food spills, lipstick, body oils, grease, grime and more!

Besides protecting all the plastic, rubber and vinyl trim inside your car from deteriorating, Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant also preserves and beautifies the appearance to maintain the vehicle�s value and aesthetics. Apply it to leather surfaces and they will remain soft and supple.

Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant is ultra concentrated so a little bit goes a long way. Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant is non-greasy, non-oily and it dries fast after application. The synthetic polymers revitalize dull, faded surfaces bringing them back to life keeping them looking factory-new.

Keeping your interior clean and looking new is easier than ever with Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant. Treated surfaces will only require a damp microfiber cloth for maintenance and light touch ups. Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant restores the richness of color to older vehicles and amps up the appearance of new car interiors without leaving an artificial shine or slickness.

Application Directions:

  1. Interior surfaces need to be clean and dry before applying Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant.
  2. Work on a cool surface in the shade.
  3. Shake bottle well before and periodically during use.
  4. Apply a small amount to a clean foam applicator and then work into the surface.
  5. When working on smooth, hard surfaces use a separate clean, dry microfiber towel to wipe-off any excess product.
  6. If less shine is desired on plastic, rubber, vinyl and leather surfaces, lightly buff with a clean, dry microfiber towel two minutes after application.


Wolfgang CockPit Trim Sealant will keep leather surfaces soft and supple
Leather surfaces will remain soft and supple when coated with Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant.
Wolfgang CockPit Trim Sealant will prevent body oils from staining leather and vinyl trim
Apply to leather and vinyl armrests to prevent body oils from staining the surface.


8 oz.

Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant 8 oz.

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By cardmd
New York
September 20, 2016
Great product for all surfaces
I was a little skeptical at first. However, I pulled the trigger and ordered one bottle. I cleaned all the interior surfaces of my car and then applied the sealant with a foam applicator pad. The results were outstanding. The color of all the surfaces including the leather seats look great. Can't commend on durability yet but great product so far.
By Ray
Chicago, Illinois
May 1, 2016
An Awesome Interior Sealant
I use the Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant on all my Interior Vinyl and Leather Surfaces. This is a VERY durable and mostly maintenance free Interior protectant. There is no need for any detailer to keep sufaces cleaned off. Only a damp Microfiber will do to keep surfaces clean. This product has not lasted for days, or weeks as a lot of interior protectants do. I've had my Cockpit Trim Sealant on for over 3 months now, and it is still kickin strong. It does not leave a FAKE shine at all, like cheaper products do. It leaves a Beautiful Satin look to it, and after time develops an almost velvet feel on my surfaces. But that's just they way I think it feels for me. It's WOLFGANG! You can't go wrong. Also if you like WETS, you will Love WCTS!
ProsEase of Application, Beautiful Satin look and feel, A little goes a long way. Only needs a Damp Microfiber to keep surfaces clean.
By Jeff Hougham
East Wenatchee, WA.
April 24, 2015
Pretty good stuff!
I really like the low gloss look that this leaves.
By Matt
Scranton Pa
March 28, 2015
great product for dressing dash
been looking for an interior dressing that lasts and helps keeps the dash looking fresh, this is it .
Prosapplies easy with an even finish, dries to a nice low sheen , easy to maintain
By Dan O
North Port, Florida
November 5, 2014
Easy treatment
Loved it , loved it, loved it
ProsWhen on easy , dried quickly and did not discolor my leather in any way
By Derek Lorenz
October 1, 2014
Wolfgang Cockpit Trim Sealant
Great product, works just as advertised. Another excellent product from Wolfgang.
ProsEasy to use.
By Eric T
Seattle, WA
August 25, 2014
Can easily tell that this is high quality.
Best product of its kind I've ever used. Leaves a very subtle, clean smell as opposed to a harsh chemical odor..
By Jose
April 27, 2014
Great Stuff
When new, the seats in my Cayenne had a slippery and luxurious feel to them that only lasted a few weeks. With this product I get that new feel back. Typically I use a leather conditioner and follow up with the WCTS a few hours later when the seats are dry. I apply this product to everything in the interior except for glass surfaces like info and radio displays. It is an additional step in the interior cleaning process and takes about 10 minutes. To apply I use a small cleaning microfiber mitt/glove with thumb which I have not seen available in Autogeek. It isn't the thick one used for washing the exterior.
ProsPerfect finish, non glossy nor oily. A little goes a long way.
By Chris
July 15, 2013
This product really is just simply outstanding. Here's what you need to do. Give your interior a nice all purpose cleaner scrub, wipe it down get it nice and clean. Then take a microfiber applicator brick, give it a couples sprays and sit back and watch the magic. What's great is this is a quick curing product meaning you can layer it within an hour. I use this a lot. One layer leaves a nice OEM matte look that many like. 2 layers adds just a tad, tiny bit of sheen just ambling up the matte look ever so slightly. 3 layers, will give a nice deep look to the dash, not very glossy but you'll notice it. Either way this is great. I have an 8 oz bottle I have used it about 15 times since It was released last year and still have 90% of the bottle left. A little goes a long way. Go for it, this stuff is great, lasts months, true Love ya! Protects the interior of my car from coffee, water, my dog and cats various episodes of drool and snot. This stuff is the best interior product sealant ever. And I used to love UIGP. Not any more! Wolfgang Wins!
By mcg
October 20, 2012
great offering
A very nice product that is very versatile and offers REAL protection from moisture/water, and body oil's, and abrasive dirt. Unlike "leather/vinyl conditioners" which keep leather and interiors over-hydrated causing dirt to stick and abrade the seats.