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Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo

Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo

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You'll look forward to washing your car!

Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo has the smooth, silky feel and aroma of a luxury body gel. As you wash, natural coconut oils attach to surface dirt. These oils act as a lubricant. Sand and abrasive grit slide off in the rinse water without scratching the surface.

Now you can wash your black, red or dark color car without creating those tiny washing swirls! With this shampoo you'll look forward to washing your car!

Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo now contains TUFF SUDS II. This new foaming technology uses cleaners suspended in the bubble’s walls to scour away the toughest road grime. For all its cleaning punch, Bodywork Shampoo is amazingly surface-friendly! When mixed with water, it yields a perfect pH-neutral rating of 7. It absolutely will not remove protective wax or polymer surface protectants.

Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo produces mounds of rich suds with just 1-2 ounces per 5 gallons of water. Tired of running out of suds before you're finished washing? It won't happen with Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo. TUFF SUDS II creates mounds of suds that last and last!

This is what we refer to as a high-yield shampoo. The concentrated formula creates 3-4 gallons of wash water per ounce of shampoo. This eliminates the need to refill the bucket halfway through the wash.

Automotive paints, particularly clear coats, are not made to be static and lifeless. They are designed to dance under the light, shimmering at every angle. Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo is the first step in restoring the personality to your paint.

We believe this to be the most advanced car wash shampoo available.

Directions for use: 1. Pour 1-2 oz. of shampoo into a clean bucket. It will be helpful to use a 5 gallon bucket to get the proper dilution ratio. The Complete Wash System with Dolly will come in handy for this purpose.

2. Rinse all the loose dirt off your vehicle with a water hose, starting at the top.

3. Start washing from the top of the vehicle. Use a Natural Sea Sponge or a Sheepskin Wash Mitt for a safe, gentle wash.

4. Work your way around the vehicle and down, rinsing frequently. The last area you should wash is the lower panels because they get the dirtiest.

5. When rinsing, take the nozzle off the hose and allow water to flow freely from the top of the vehicle. The oils in Bodywork Shampoo will cause the water to sheet off, leaving very little water on the vehicle.

6. Always towel dry your vehicle following a wash to prevent water spots. Use a clean, soft Cobra Supreme Guzzler Microfiber Waffle Weave Towel that is designated just for drying. Dry windows first and then concentrate on body panels. It may be helpful to go back with another towel to catch water that has accumulated around mirrors or emblems.

7. To enhance the shine as you towel-dry your vehicle, mist the paint with Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray and buff with a microfiber towel. The spray wax will remove water spots as it improves gloss.

8. Always apply wax if there is none left on the paint. Pinnacle Souverän™ or Signature Series II will offer excellent protection and a dazzling shine. If necessary, pre-clean with Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion.

16 oz.

Learn more about Made in USA Certification.

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An old favorite
Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo always suds up great out of my suds gun. Removes sticky pollen (I must park outside in the driveway) and bird poop. Gentle on my paint.
ProsIt works!
ConsPrice per use is ok, but buy it on sale! :-)
oakdale pennsylvania
Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo
works great!!
One of the best for long time
I am using many and many different Sampoos and I had to buy this again when I found out it was empty
Prossmells great and high lubrication
Decatur, GA
Works well with foam gun
I use this with a Gilmour foam gun set to mix 1 oz of Pinnacle with 1 gallon of water. What I really like about Pinnacle Bodywash Shampoo is that it does not leave water spots if I don't immediately dry the car.
ProsWorks well with a foam gun. Does not leave water spots.
ConsNo instructions on the bottle as to the quantity to use per gallon of water. It says to pour "1/2 oz of shampoo" into a bucket and "Activate suds with a jet of water." Anyone know how much a "jet of water is?"
Wayne, New Jersey
Good Product
I have used this wash for over a year. It creates lots of suds and is very easy to work with.