The difference between a Foam Gun and Foam Cannon

The difference between a Foam Gun and Foam Cannon

How people wash their cars has changed a lot over the decades! With new technology and better understanding, detailers have moved away from the dish soap and sponge method and onto the Foam Gun and Foam Cannon! For those of us who are still playing catch-up or are just starting out, you are probably thinking to yourself...

What is the difference between a Foam Gun and a Foam Cannon?

The main difference is water pressure. Foam Guns attach to a hose, so water pressure is low. Foam Cannons attach to a pressure washer, so water pressure is extremely high.

Higher water pressure has a few benefits:
• A more thoroughly mixed washing solution.
• More foam will be produced.
• The foam will be thicker.
• The foam will blanket your car more consistently.
• The pressure of the water alone can remove a lot of loose debris.

In the following video, Bruno Massel and Justin Labato will go in-depth on the these two washing tools and the differences between them!

To break the differences down a bit more, let's go over the pros and cons of both the Foam Gun and the Foam Cannon.

Foam Gun:

  • Pros:
    • • More affordable
    • • Requires less tools & set-up
    • • Produces a wetter and frothier foam
  •  Cons:
    • • Less consistent foam coverage
    • • Less foam hang time
    • • Removes less debris spraying the surface

Foam Cannon:

  • Pros:
    • • Foam will stick to the surface better
    • • Removes loose debris while you spray
    • • Even foam coverage
  • Cons:
    • • Requires a pressure washer
    • • Requires more time to set up

Ultimately, which one you want to use all comes down to personal preference.

Foam guns are a better choice if you are a beginner or someone who only washes their own car. Since you won't need to worry as much about making the washing process efficient, you can get away with simply popping your Foam Gun on your garden hose, coating your car in foam, and get to washing!

Foam cannons might be a better choice if you are either washing multiple cars or are running a detailing business. The time you spend setting everything up will save you time over the course of a couple cars worth of washes. And if you are detailing other people's cars, making sure you are cleaning them as effectively as possible is crucial. Not to mention, if this is a source of income for you, making the process as efficient as possible will increase your earning potential!

Whether you go with the Foam Gun or the Foam Cannon, you are going to get a much better wash than you would simply using a bucket and sponge! So upgrade your washing tools and give one of them a try!