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Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner Combo

Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner Combo

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Measure out concentrated liquids without making a mess!

I like to buy car care products in bulk. Their shelf lives are usually years and I know I’m going to use them eventually. The only downside is getting concentrated products from the big container into a smaller, usable container. I always spill some, which defeats the whole purpose of saving money! That was until I got the Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner.

This clever device saves you the trouble of trying to measure out concentrated products and pour them into another bottle. The Proportioner does it for you. Simply twist the Proportioner onto a bottle of your favorite product. Twist the black top to raise or lower the green regulator to the desired amount of liquid. Squeeze the bottle and watch the reservoir fill. Measurements in ounces and milliliters are marked on the side of the reservoir. Release the bottle and the liquid will drain down to the amount you selected. Flip the pop-top and pour the precisely measured liquid into another bottle. No dripping, spilling, or waste!
The Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner allows you to measure just the amount of product you'll be using - no waste!

I use the Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner on my gallon jug of Pinnacle Liquid Crystal Waterless Wash Concentrate with Carnauba. It allows me to dilute the cleaner precisely for the task at hand, and I don’t drip cleaner on my clothes or hands. It’s a simple idea but it makes buying in bulk a lot more convenient!

The Bottle Proportioner is available in two different sizes: gallon or quart. The Gallon Pro Blend has a 38 mm cap with a 12” tube. The Quart Pro Blend has a 28 mm cap with a 9 ˝” tube. The tubes can be cut to size if necessary. Both fill cups hold up to 3 ounces.

If diluting products has got you all wet, get the Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner. It makes the process of measuring out concentrates neat and easy so the only one covered in car care products is your car!

Note:The Bottle Proportioner is intended for low viscocity (thin) liquids.

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Makes the most of your concentrated detailing products NO MESS
I used to use separate measuring tools that take more space and liquid product if your in a hurry as is if you have 3 to 5 jobs a day. Sometimes it can get messy as not everyday can be a a perfect day but these little doohickeys are spot on for perfect measuring of your concentrated products and stay in your 32 oz. and Gallon containers neatly and ready for active use day in and day out. Anything that saves me time and money I'm all for, not to mention it also keeps my garage spill free and neat. I detest messy anything...
Chicago area
Blend combo
Blend combo is an excellent device for measuring proportions of material and dilutions.
ProsExcellent device for combining materials for proper dilutions.
Sheffield Iowa
no more spilling product
get the exact measurement you want no more guessing no over pouring especially no more waste by spelling on the floor
Prosthis has put a lot more money in my pocket
Boca Raton, FL
Works as described
This makes use gallon jugs much easier.
These work well for liquid products, like rinsless washing. Wont work very well at all for thick liquids. My 3 stars for the price of the product, not sure if they are really worth it for the $. Also leaving it on the bottle, some product tends to migrate into the dispensing area.