Dr. Beasley's

Dr. Beasley's

If your car is suffering from grime, sun fading or another illness, Dr. Beasley’s has the right medicine to make it better. Jim Lafeber founded Dr. Beasley’s car care because he decided the harmful chemicals and greasy residues of the products considered the industry’s “best” weren’t good enough for him or his detailing shop customers. The result is car care formulas that use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and are based on new technologies developed in-house.

By looking out for the health of the vehicle, the user and the environment, Dr. Beasley’s has reset the standard for car care. Their products have been featured on My Classic Car and other top automotive programs. Autogeek.net believes so strongly in Dr. Beasley’s performance detailing products that we’ve even held detailing classes at the company’s Chicago headquarters. Their high-grade products are also perfect for boats, RVs, motorcycles and more.

Premium Car Care Supplies

We sell a growing assortment of Dr. Beasley’s formulas for auto care and restoration. Packages such as the Matte Paint and Matte Wheel Kit are multi-step solutions for keeping surfaces clean and coated while saving money. Order tire conditioner, ceramic auto body wash, metal coating and many other handcrafted formulas from the place where shine happens.

Whether you need a basic shampoo or advanced polishing and cutting pads, Dr. Beasley has the right prescription. We ship fast from our Florida warehouse at affordable everyday prices. Learn more about Dr. Beasley’s auto care products by visiting the Autogeek YouTube channel for reviews and demonstration videos.