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Even your protection film needs to be Renewed!

GYEON Renew is a unique product that will finally give you the ability to breathe the life back into your dull and faded PPF or self-healing paint film! GYEON Renew contains light abrasives that will work to gently correct the haze and oxidation that your PPF collects overtime without causing permanent damage. The protective additives in GYEON Renew will re-up the protection qualities of your PPF and restore its resistance and self-healing capabilities! GYEON Renew will easily correct your dull and oxidized PPF and restore it back to the gloss it had when you first got it!

Paint Protection Films (PPF) are a fantastic way to protect your car’s paint without having to worry too much about the upkeep of it. However, just as every protection product in the detailing world, they will eventually fade, dull, and lose their self-healing capabilities. While it may seem like with a product like a PPF an entirely new replacement would be necessary if that happened, there is another option. GYEON Renew is an innovative product that allows you to actually correct and revitalize your PPF without damaging it!

GYEON Renew contains light abrasive particles that will work to gently remove and correct any hazing or oxidation that haze accumulated on your PPF over time. This is quite an impressive feat considering how dangerous it can be to use anything more aggressive than a microfiber towel on these PPF surfaces. GYEON Renew, however, treads the fine line between being too aggressive and not being impactful at all. This means that you can correct that faded, dull, and lusterless looking PPF and not have to worry about causing irreparable damage in the process!

GYEON Renew does more than just correct the defects though, it even goes so far as to increase the level and duration of your PPF’s protection properties! GYEON Renew contains protective additives and silica that work together to breathe new life back into your PPF. While these PPFs are usually designed to self-heal, that effect will fade and dwindle over time. But, if you use GYEON Renew routinely, those properties will be touched up and replenished! So, you never have to deal with the problem of having an ugly and ineffective PPF on your car again!

Once GYEON Renew has removed the defects in your PPF and replenished its protective qualities, the proprietary formula of GYEON Renew will then go to work reviving you PPF’s gloss! The expert level ingredients in GYEON Renew will bond with your PPF and leave behind a shine that will leave it looking like you just had you PPF put on!

120 ml.

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