> > > GYEON Q2M Tire - 400 ml

GYEON Q2M Tire - 400 ml

Even your tires can benefit from an SiO2 coating!

GYEON Q2M Tire is the only SiO2 coating designed specifically for use on tires. This completely unique formula blocks out contaminants and UV rays the break own rubber causing browning and cracking to help maintain the like-new look of your tires. GYEON Q2M Tire Makes tires look deep black and bead water like crazy!

There’s one thing about water beading: it’s addictive! Once you see the effect of a hydrophobic coating on paint, you’ll want the same effect on every inch of your vehicle. GYEON Q2M Tire allows you to get an incredible water beading effect on tires, while protecting them from the elements!

GYEON Q2M Tire is an SiO2 coating like no other, because it’s meant for use on tires! Your tires are on the front line of grime as they trudge through puddles and potholes mile after mile. Pretty soon, they’ll start to show their age if not properly protected. GYEON Q2M Tire blocks out UV rays, helping to prevent browning and cracking.

Directions for Application:
Tires should be cleaned using a strong degreaser prior to application. Make sure that the surface is clean, dry, and cool to the touch before starting. Work out of direct sunlight.
  1. Spray GYEON Q2M Tire directly onto the tire, or onto a Flex Foam Tire Applicator. One tire requires about 2-3.
  2. Use the Flex Foam Applicator to spread GYEON Q2M Tire evenly over the tire.
  3. Allow coating to dry completely prior to driving.

GYEON Q2M Tire - 400 ml

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75% Recommend this product (6 of 8 responses)
Long Island
Works Perfect
It’s dont drive the car or truck for at least 30-60 minutes after application.
ProsLasts longer then most
ConsSlings if you don?t wait to drive.
Gloss Black tire shine!
A little bit of this product goes a long way, leaves a really nice glossy shine. Keep in mind this is a temporary tire shine (like all other tire shine products) so don't expect it to be permanent, especially in poor weather conditions. But it works amazingly!
ProsDon't need to use a lot of the product for great results, nice smell, glossy black finish
It's way too shiny for my likes, I prefer a matte finish, this is far from that. But what I really don't like about it is it is greasy, attracts dirt and it slings. I rubbed my finger on it four days later and it's still leaving slime on my finger. I just bought a new 2019 Rogue and the tires were prisitine. I put a light coat of this on and drove it a day later and it slinged all over my trim. No tire product I've used in the past ten years has done this and that's driving it right after application. So this is a no go for me.
Nothing that amazing.
I was so excited to use this product once I heard about it. I thought it was so cool how they managed to infuse si02 into a tire dressing. Since si02 is one of the primary contributors towards what makes ceramic coatings so long lasting & durable, I figured those same features would be noticeable when using the tire dressing......Not so much.

I was told it would last about 4 or 5 car washes until having to re-apply. I didn't see this product last much longer than 1 rainstorm, maybe 2 if I'm being optimistic.

I know water based dressings don't last as long as silicone based ones, but I figured for sure the si02 infusion would offset that problem.....not the case.

Now, each time I applied it to my tires, I only applied 1 coat. I will try applying more than 1 coat in future applications, hopefully that has some sort of impact, but I doubt it. Even if it does, I get better durability out of my Chemical Guys Clear Liquid Extreme Tire Shine. That stuff is silicone based, I've tried many silicone based & water based dressings, somehow that one is still to this day the best dressing I've ever used. One coat of that product leaves the tires so nicely shiny (not a super "wet" shine, but a more well detailed shine like as if it perfectly fills in the intricacies of the tire to create a perfected appearance)........& it lasts for weeks every time without fail, through rainstorms and everything.

Also this product is crazy expensive compared to other products. Even Car Pro Perl which is also si02 based boasts about how you can dilute that product a lot to make it last much longer. Gyeon doesn't boast as much about the ability to dilute and costs several $ more than Perl for the same amount of product.

I was happy though about the appearance it gave which was not as blindingly shiny as Car Pro Perl (another si02 infused tire dressing).

Was nice to try out, but will not buy again.
ProsWell balanced, "deep" black appearance Not overly shiny Smells very good Aesthetic packaging
ConsNot very durable (doesn't last long) Extremely expensive
Sioux city, iowa
Great tire coating
Simple to apply. Satin finish lasts a while