The Buff and Shine Reflection Artist Pad Line

Discover the power of a mirror-like shine!

The new Reflection Artist Pad Line by Buff and Shine Manufacturing is a select combination of some the most innovative pads available in the industry today. This unique pad combination was created from a select few pads from their current URO pad line, as well as some specially designed NEW pads created to complete this ALL-IN-ONE pad system!

Here are some of the biggest advantages of this new ALL-IN-ONE pad line
• They will work with all DA and RA tools available in the market today, Gear driven, free-spinning, short throw and long throw machines from any manufacturer. No need to purchase new machines to get amazing finishes!
• They will also work with all the numerous paint systems currently available in the industry. No need to change your favorite compound/polish combinations.
• This pad line also caters to all skill set levels: From novice to professional. A daily professional to a weekend warrior can utilize this pad system to achieve mirror-like paint surfaces every time!

The new Reflection Artist pad line consists of the following:
• Uro-Wool cuttin pad
• Uro-Fiber micro fiber finisher pad
• URO-Tec maroon medium cut pad
• NEW URO-Tec dark blue heavy polishing pad
• URO-Tec yellow polishing/finishing foam pad