Buff and Shine 3 inch Grip Pads

Buff and Shine 3 inch Grip Pads

Get into the smallest areas you never thought possible.

Buff and Shine 3 inch Grip Pads enable the detailer to reach areas that, more than likely, have never seen the polisher in its life. All Buff and Shine 3 inch Grip Pads are constructed just the same as their bigger siblings- durable, effective, and long-lasting. Perfect for use on headlights, bumpers, around decals and emblems, and even on the smaller glass portions of your car. Never leave a small area unpolished again with Buff and Shine 3 inch Grip pads.

Unless you're using a miniscule spot tool, there are some areas on your vehicle that your favorite buffer won't reach- that is, unless, you have the pads and backing plates designed just for those areas. Buff and Shine 3 inch Grip Pads help you reach those previously untouched places. The strong plastic backing ensure your pad won't give out mid-buff, and the thick fibers (for wool pads) and strong foam are with you for the long run. With a maximum recommended running speed of 3000 RPMs each, all of the Buff and Shine 3 inch Grip Pads are ready for the big leagues.

The wool pads feature the same quality wool as the larger sizes: thick, quality wool, durable backing, less dusting than other wool pads, and increased correction ability. Buff and Shine 3 inch Foam Grip Pads use high-quality foam that lead to less product absorption, meaning there's less used, and you're saving money!

The hook & loop style backing is held in place securely, and is heat and chemical resistant. Rest assured your new polishing pads won't come apart mid-buff. The domed face improves the over buffing experience and features a smoother performance. Buff and Shine 3 inch Pads can be used with the 3 inch Buff and Shine dual action or rotary backing plates.