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3M Vinyl Tape - 06404

3M Vinyl Tape - 06404Tape off edges and body lines with precision!

3M Vinyl Tape is the best investment you can make under 10 bucks when wet sanding, cutting and buffing a car. This versatile vinyl tape conforms to curved, convex, and irregular surfaces like body lines, sharp edges and rubber moldings, keeping them clean and protected while you wet sand or polish a vehicle. A roll of 3M Vinyl Tape and 10 minutes of your time could easily prevent you from spending hundreds by having to repaint a hood, fender or trunk lid.

Paint is thin, thin, thin! The average clear coat thickness on a new car is about 3 mils, or about as thick as a piece of paper. Thanks to the effects of gravity, paint is even thinner on raised body lines and sharp edges. When you’re wet sanding or polishing your vehicle, it is critical that you polish with extreme precision to avoid the risk of burning through the paint on these thinner areas. 3M Vinyl Tape gives you a visual indicator of where raised body lines are so you can avoid them while you polish and keep them protected.

Other areas that benefit from 3M Vinyl Tape are rubber trim and plastic molding, two things that are found on virtually every vehicle. Instead of trying to tape off intricate trim pieces with a wider piece of masking tape, take the simple approach and use 3M Vinyl Tape.

1/8 inch by 36 yards