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3M Stripe Off Wheel 07498

3M Stripe Off Wheel 07498Safely remove stripes, decals and molding attachment tape without abrasives or chemicals!

The 3M Stripe Off Wheel is a high-grade medium density drill attachment tool that’s designed to safely remove striping tape, vinyl decals and double sided foam attachment tape from paint and chrome. Its durable construction can withstand up to 4,000 RPM and the included hardware makes it compatible with any standard drill. The days of razor blades, heavy duty compounds and caustic adhesive removers for removing decals are long gone thanks to the versatile 3M Stripe Off Wheel!

Paint on new cars is very delicate and very thin. The average paint thickness on a new vehicle is thinner than a post-it note. New cars leaving the factory include just enough clear coat to provide adequate UV protection for the lifespan of the vehicle. Every time you polish your vehicle with an abrasive polish or compound you’re removing paint. What’s worse, every time you use acidic or caustic chemicals found in most over the counter adhesive removers, you run the risk of permanently damaging the clear coat. The 3M Stripe Off Wheel eliminates the need for such products when it comes time to remove striping tape, vinyl decals and double sided foam attachment tape from your vehicle’s delicate finish.

The 3M Stripe Off Wheel includes the necessary hardware so you can attach it to any standard drill, cordless or electric. With your drill set to the appropriate RPM, lightly touch the decal or stripe that you want to remove and the Stripe Off Wheel does all the hard work for you! Unlike the more frequently used methods of removing stripes and decals with a razor blade, the 3M Stripe Off Wheel poses no risk of scratching the paint.

Take the effort and risk out of removing striping tape, vinyl decals and double sided foam attachment tape with the 3M Stripe Off Wheel!


  1. Install and securely fasten the Stripe Off mandrel in the drive tool.
  2. Carefully install the Stripe Off Wheel on the Stripe Off mandrel. Line up wheel and mandrel threads, and use low force to spin the wheel until it contacts the mandrel flange. The wheel will self-tighten to adequate grip during removing operations.
  3. Dress Stripe Off Wheel to remove out-of-roundness and/or contamination before each removal operation. Turn on drive tool and dress outer edge of Stripe Off Wheel with low force on a clean rasp (e.g., cheese grater type) or file. Removal of material from the entire outer edge will produce a clean, round and smooth running wheel.
  4. With the drive tool running, bring the outer edge of the Stripe Off Wheel in contact with an edge of the material to be removed. Use light pressure for optimum removal efficiency.
  5. Guide the drive tool so that the Stripe Off Wheel is working against the directional rotation of the wheel.
  6. Using horizontal and vertical movements with the Stripe Off Wheel will achieve the quickest and easiest removal rate.
  7. Residue from the Stripe Off Wheel removal can be removed by paint-safe adhesive removers or isopropyl alcohol. If film, foam or adhesive residue remains continue removal with the Stripe Off Wheel.

Note:Not for use on lacquer coatings. Includes a 3/8” mandrel.