RUPES D-A Polishing System

RUPES D-A Polishing System

Re-writes the rule book for paint correction!

RUPES has always a company that does everything in their power to make sure their machines and products are the most cutting edge technology in the industry. On top of that, they make sure that these high-performance products and machines are easily accessible and simple to use for detailers of any mastery level. Their original BigFoot system, they introduced color coding the pads and products so anybody would be able to pick up the system and start churning out jaw-dropping results. In their everlasting effort to advance the detailing industry as a whole, they developed ANOTHER extremely advanced and easy to use system of compounds, polishes, and pads called the RUPES D-A System!

This intuitive and revolutionary system combines a powerful team of compounds, polishes, and pads with their industry renown RUPES BigFoot Polishers to create the most effective, user-friendly polishing system to date! Each compound and polish in the D-A System is formulated with advance abrasive technology that is sure to give you the best cutting performance and highest gloss finish you've ever seen! The pads are designed with paint safety, user fatigue, and durability in mind. Featuring a uniquely contoured edge and sturdy foam composition that will ensure over-heating protection, consistent polishing surface, and a life-span that will far surpass expectations!

RUPES even stuck with the ingenious idea of color-coding the system! This means that anybody who is just picking up the system will easily be to tell which compound or polish to use with which pad. This also means that even the most weathered pro will be able to tell at a glance which product they are grabbing, which will be a life saver you're working quickly and accidentally grab the wrong bottle!

The RUPES D-A System was designed to be used with their RUPES BigFoot LHR Mark III long-throw polishers. When combined with these industry leading dual-action polishers, the D-A System will give you results you've never seen at a speed you've never though possible!