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Poorboys World Polish with Sealant

The wait is over for Poorboys very own all-in-one polish and sealant!

Poorboys Polish with Sealant gives you the protection and polishing power of a premium all-in-one product without the tough buffing or the price! Remove minor paint imperfections, enhance gloss, and apply a durable layer of polymer protection in the time it takes to apply a coat of wax.

Poorboys Polish with Sealant works like all-in-one products you’ve used before but better and more easily. PWS removes fine scratches, swirls, and haze when used with a polisher like the very best polish. Meanwhile, it leaves a layer of durable sealant on the paint.

This sounds like your average all-in-one product but, remember, this is by Poorboys. Poorboys Polish with Sealant wipes on and off with unbelievable ease and the shine it leaves behind is on the same level as Poorboys EX-P. Use it in the sun, the shade – it doesn’t matter. Poorboys Polish With Sealant is a pleasure to use, not just because its easy, but because it gives excellent results.

Poorboys Polish with Sealant works as a light swirl remover and polish when applied by machine. Swirls, fine scratches, and haze will disappear to reveal clean, smooth paint. Used by hand, Poorboys Polish with Sealant works as a glaze, removing lighter imperfections and enhancing gloss.

Poorboys Polish with Sealant buffs off with very little effort and leaves behind a deep shine and long-lasting synthetic protection.

If you prefer, top Poorboys PWS with a carnauba wax. There’s no need to let the sealant cure before applying wax on top of it.

Since Poorboys Polish with Sealant is a polish and sealant in one, we suggest using a polishing pad to apply it with your Porter Cable 7424XP or other buffer. The pad has enough density to assist with smoothing the paint but no real cutting ability. Use a Cobra Microfiber Bonnet over a lambswool pad for removal or buff by hand with a Cobra Miracle Towel. Stop there or top the paint with Natty’s Paste Wax to amp up the shine.

You’re going to love the speed and effectiveness of Poorboys Polish with Sealant. Professional detailers and hobbyists alike will save time, save money, and still get the kind of results you’d expect from a top quality all-in-one product.

16 oz.

Poorboys World Polish with Sealant

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By Dennis C
Shrewsbury MA
August 2, 2016
Works great
Worked great on a black truck with minor scratches and dirty paint. Two months later the sealant is still looking great and working. Cleaner wax cannot compare.
ProsEasy to use Worked well w/ random orbital buffer w/ cotton pad Lasts a long time. One step clean and seal Perfect for everyday driver, replace cleaner wax
By Rob Fozney
May 16, 2016
Excellent All-in-One Product
This product is super! I used it by hand and with my random orbital polisher. Goes on easy, comes off easy. Removes haze and makes the paint looks awesome. Also lasts a long time.
By Ryche
April 14, 2015
Easy to Use, Even in the sun
Just applied Poorboy's PwS to my cars and it was a very easy on/easy off application. Even hand applying, it took virtually no time at all and definitely increased the shine on a new car (2014 - Silver) and an older, slightly neglected car (2003 - Blue). It worked well on both the dark and light color. Additionally it has a pleasant scent. The only potential negative is that although Poorboy's markets this as an AIO, it really isn't great for glass as a hydrophobic coating. I tried that and got a little rain today, but even driving 40-45, the drops weren't beading/running off the windshield.
ProsCan be used in sunlight Easy on, easy offf
ConsNot a true AIO - didn't work great on glass as a hydrophobic coating.
By Ricky
Los Angeles
March 10, 2015
Awesome Product
Awesome for the amateur car detailer. There were some scratches that this product plus an orange pad and PC 7424XP could not remove. Good to remove most of the swirls in 2-3 passes with the PC.
ProsQuick and easy Wipes off easy
ConsCould not take out scratches just swirls.
By mM4911
Eastern PA
December 19, 2014
Great for dark paint
I like to use this for dark paint like my black Honda Accord. The PB Polish with Sealant is very quick to use with a white or black pad on a PC. It wipes down easily and if you want to layer I'm sure you can. I would use this on cars tat have a good finish and use it mostly for removing towel makes etc. I assume something heavier would be needed for deeper imperfection removal.
ProsNice and easy, quick with random orbital and white or black pad.
By Jeff
Charlotte, North Carolina
September 6, 2014
Favorite polish/sealant.
I am a professional mobile detailer. Poorboy's World Polish with Sealant is my go-to finishing product for most of my vehicle details. This product has great cleaning ability (I use it with a white pad on my DA polisher, working at the 3-4 speed setting), and provides the added protection of a polymer sealant that these vehicles need. Equally as important is its ease of use in direct sunlight, as all of my work is done outside at office buildings or in driveways. I highly recommend this product! Hopefully autogeek will start selling this by the gallon!
By 01GreyStangGT
October 9, 2013
Great AIO
I use this and Blackfire Total Pooish and Seal for 1 step products. Smells great and can be used in sun. Also nice that the polymers set up quickly for layering. Can't go wrong with this one.
By Steve
July 2, 2012
Great Product
I used this product on a black 2010 Acura TSX and it gave me phenomenal results. It filled in the little bit of swirls that were on the paint, and left a very nice glossy finish. Ease of use is incredible, and the working time is very minimal. Another great product from Poorboy's!
By Erich
December 29, 2011
Solid Product
Best 1-step product I've came across. Removes everything you would expect it to. Leaves the vehicle very glossy. Comes off just as easy as the other Poorboys Products.
By Ryan
November 9, 2011
Best AIO so far
After using this product twice. I have come to the conclusion that it is the best AIO I have used so far. It seems to be a very pad dependent product. More aggressive pad, more cut, less aggressive pad, less cut. Really looking forward to see what the durability is like. Poorboy's did a good job with this product.
By Tim
December 8, 2010
This ia a very good product. It does everything it says and more, Goes on easy and removes easy. Great shine and makes the paint look nice and clean and does very well on dark colors. I would for sure use this again.
By blackz28
May 15, 2010
Very good product
Looks 100% perfect. Goes on easy, wipes off easy.doesn't fade for a long time. Its great because the polish will hide minor paint blemishes and then it will seal it all in one. Would recommend a carnauba wax ontop. Thats how i do it,
By budman3
April 23, 2007
Simply a great product. Super easy to use and produces great results. One of the best AIOs on the market.
By Mike T
April 22, 2007
Another great Poorboys product. Works great on just about any kinda surface. It is pad Dependant. I highly recommend you pick up a bottle. Easy on/off doesn't stain trim, it actually cleans it up.