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Meguiars DA Power System

Meguiars DA Power SystemTurn your drill into a paint-polishing tool!

The Meguiars DA Power System is another innovative product from Meguiars that will change the way you detail your car. The Meguiars DA Power System attaches to any standard household drill that operates between 1,500 – 2,500 RPM and turns it into a paint-polishing tool with the orbit of a dual action polisher. Precision engineered gears provide rugged durability. Thanks to a vast selection of Meguiars 4 Inch DA Power Pack Pads that are compatible with the DA Power System, you can equip yourself to tackle any job.

Let’s face it, not all detailing jobs require using a big, heavy-duty high speed polisher. If you’re simply going to be applying wax or doing light polishing, the Meguiars DA Power System is the perfect tool for the job. Its innovative compact design and convenient side handle make it easy to use regardless of skill level. With its random orbital dual action motion, you aren’t at risk for burning paint either. Simply attach to a standard household drill, equip it with the correct Meguiars 4 Inch Soft Buff Pad and start polishing!

The Meguiars DA Power System is feature packed, starting with the pressure cast alloy housing to the stainless steel arbor with chuck-limiting step that’s designed for all 3/8” to ˝” drills. The cushioned comfort-grip handle makes the unit easy to use while protecting the finish if contact occurs. Proprietary planetary gear set enables forced, dual action rotation so you can remove light scratches and scuff marks. No-mar rubber safety skirt prevents damage if contact occurs with an adjacent body line.

Waxing and polishing by hand is tiresome and consumes a lot of your time. The human hand simply can’t match the power or the motion of a dual action polisher. Unlike a power tool that keeps on going, your hand gets tired and needs to rest. If you’re ready to say goodbye to hand polishing and waxing but aren’t quite ready to jump into a dual action polisher, the Meguiars DA Power System is the perfect compromise. The Meguiars DA Power System offers the convenience of a dual action polisher at a fraction of the cost.

The Meguiars DA Power System is the ideal tool to use for polishing wheels because its compact design allows you to polish areas that are unreachable with a regular DA polisher. The Meguiars DA Power System even works to polish and restore headlights to perfect clarity when equipped with the appropriate pad.

Say goodbye to hand waxing and hello to the Meguiars DA Power System!

Includes one polishing pad.


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