Limited Edition Dash Mat Custom Dashboard Cover

Limited Edition Dash Mat Custom Dashboard Cover

Modern fabric design complements late-model interiors!

A Limited Edition DashMat® Custom Dashboard Cover is an attractive way to protect your vehicle's factory dashboard - without regular maintenance! Just install the Limited Edition DashMat® and forget about it. The dashboard will stay in new condition underneath the protective cover. Plus, the Limited Edition DashMat® comes in a unique warp-knit design that looks sharp in today's sleek interiors.

Each Limited Edition DashMat® Custom Dashboard Cover is made of durable, colorfast, non-shrinking material that won't fray or unravel. Compared to the factory dashboard, the Limited Edition DashMat® is more durable and less susceptible to UV damage. It won't crack or peel. Your windshield stays cleaner and clearer thanks to the Limited Edition DashMat®. The Limited Edition DashMat® cuts down on windshield glare caused by gases emitted by the dashboard. Windshield glare caused by the dashboard is eliminated.

The Limited Edition DashMat® is the dashboard protectant that never needs reapplying! Press it in place using the hook and loop fasteners. It shields the entire dashboard from UV rays and it doesn't need to be removed. But when you're ready, the Limited Edition DashMat® can be removed easily. The dashboard underneath will have its original color with no cracks. The Limited Edition DashMat® protects your vehicle's resale value. Each Limited Edition DashMat® is made to fit your specific vehicle. All vent and sensor openings are pre-cut (or marked depending on options). Logos and custom monogramming are available to put your own personality into your DashMat®.

Over 1,750,000 DashMat®s have been sold! These high quality, custom made dashboard covers are designed in the U.S.A. They look good, fit well, and they last! Most importantly, the Limited Edition DashMat® Custom Dashboard Cover helps your dashboard retain its beauty and value.

The Original DashMat is available in 13 colors to suit your vehicle.

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