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Lake Country UDOS 51E Polisher

Lake Country UDOS 51E Polisher

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Expertly crafted 5-in-1 design!

Say goodbye to using 5 tools and say hello to saving time, space and money. The Lake Country Power Tools UDOS 51E is five expertly designed tools in one. With the UDOS 51E you get a rotary, sanding, 12mm, 15mm and 21mm random orbit polishing all in one top of the line machine. Easy to use, quick to adjust modes and the powerful motor, makes the UDOS 51E the first 5-in-1 polisher in the world.

Detailing can be an expensive career and/or hobby. There are just so many tools out on the market, all serving a unique and focused purpose. But let’s face it, tools can add up, especially polishers. Not to mention the space it takes up in the garage. With the UDOS 51E you get 5 different tools in one, saving you not only money, space in your garage, but also the time it takes to switch between tools.

The UDOS 51E quite literally stands for User-Defined-Orbital-Stroke, meaning the user picks the type of action that they want the product to do. Even the 51E stands for 5 (in) 1 E(lectric). This tool is the first of its kind and is manufactured in the United States. The body itself is meant for heavy duty detailing and designed for professionals. This model comes with a standard handle, with the option of two additional handles as accessories, one for small hands and one for larger hands. It’s important to have the right hand-size because using the right size will decrease fatigue and user error. The non-marring rubber bumpers keeps the UDOS stable and even when working on the car’s surface. Plus, the over molded grip on the top of the tool lessens vibrations, allowing you to have more of a secure grip. The speed control is conveniently accessible by the rear handle, while the heat dissipates through the head of the tool, allowing your hand to remain cool during long usage.

Having 5 tools in 1 makes detailing your car a dream. Use the front adjustment collar to change your settings: R (rotary), S (sanding), P1 (12mm), P2 (15mm) and P3 (21mm). It is recommended to use the rotary for heaving cutting, sanding for sanding, 12mm for polishing and finishing, 15mm for light cutting and the 21mm for cutting. The settings are also marked on the backing plate, making adjustments easy, by just pushing down on the front collar and rotating to the selected mode. The dynamic balance system of this tool also adds to the smooth operation and easy adjustment range to provide the ultimate power performance.

The UDOS 51E have an OPM (oscillations per minute) range of 1,000 to 2,400 and has a 110 volt with a soon to be 220 volt. The variable speed trigger comes with a lock, so that you can keep your speed going without having to keep it down with your finger. This product comes with a 5-inch hook and loop backing plate, but also accepts the standard 6-inch hook and loop sandpaper. A 10-foot rubber cord allows for ample movement around the car or garage.

This UDOS 51E comes with the UDOS 51E polisher, 5” backing plate, medium handle and the instruction manual.

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Universal and Powerful
So far I've enjoyed the long throw 21 and rotary mode. Still playing with the other settings
ProsPowerful, convenient, change on the fly
Consshort cord
Ok, but expensive
Let’s start with it comes in a cheesy box. 600 bucks and I don’t even get a decent bag with a zipper to toss it in later? ok. Wow, it pretty much just is the box, the backing plate, backer bolt, an Allen wrench….
Not even one pad? Any pad…? I'd think you'd get me to bite on your new, improved, super sonic, built to work with, etc pads….Again this was 600?
Alright, I saw the pictures, I’m not super surprised. Let’s get a pad on this thing. *shuffle around for a centering tool* Ugh. Really, not even a .50c piece of plastic. So you need to eyeball even the platform specific pads…Whatever, 3D print an adapter for my 6.5 inch LC HDO pads to center, since the pad center and the plate center is a different size. I had to get it pretty centered or the vibration from the tool was hand numbingly bad.

S. That is a small orbit. Doubt I’ll sand. Not sure I’ll ever use. I hear good things on sensitive/soft paint though.
P1. Meh.
P2. Yes.
P3. Sweet orbital throw, alright! Can I buy just this tool?
R. Mmmmm. Rotary was, well, rotary.

Jumbled Thoughts:
Given the thickness of my pads and their weight I didn’t expect it to have great rotation. It did really well if I just tilted the pad a bit, but that isn’t ideal. P2 had the best pad rotation. Granted, watching the back of the pad plate is almost an optical illusion. So am not sure how well it was rotating. I need to try thinner pads. The defect removal was there. This was an already decent surface with swirls from washing.
When you lay it “upside down” the rubber protector/bumper on the front is not tall enough. A couple mm more would have been nice. Since I assume most people tilt the front of the polisher a little to set it down…the handle/front touches down first unless you hover the thing like a UFO and lay it flat. I would never set this down on paint. The part where it has soft bumpers on the backside is fine. I either set the tool on my sunroof glass or the cart.
This thing is loud, in an odd way, it has a high pitched machine sound that made my ears ring, put on protection and no worries. I had read some reviews on how quiet this machine was, I disagree. This may change or even go away and improve over time/use.
Cord is nice, long, and flexible.
It might be the way I work panels or how I hold the polisher, but I bumped the speed control wheel A LOT. It should have much nicer detents, or a lock, the speed setting is really easy to move around. Speaking of speed control, the “cruise control” lock is awkward for me to engage while doing a panel, that is probably a get used to nit pick.
When using a one step polish, I tested Blackfire and UNO Protect, working through each orbit setting I was not able to get it to stall. Decent pressure. It has some grunt. A lot of grunt, this is a huge plus to me.
This thing in rotary gets HOT. A hood and a roof later I was not able to comfortably touch the front end. Any orbital use didn’t seem to have this issue at all.
Really, 20 bucks a pop for different handles? You couldn’t have thrown those in for a few extra, wait, this thing was 600…
Closing thoughts, again I’m not a shop or even detail for money much anymore. If this was a first tool buy...I’d be pretty stoked. I could see it being useful in a shop that offered sanding and wanted a single platform across the board. A few of these in a dedicated space would get some work done. It seems to be really powerful and versatile. I have yet to use it with thinner pads, 51E specific pads, or on more than my two cars.
I feel like they’ve made it so I need to buy extra handles to customize it, didn’t let me try out their new pads, didn’t include a centering tool, and overall made it feel like if you wanted to play you had to pay extra on an already very expensive tool. This has left a bad first impression as LC's debut flagship tool. Please don't make me spend a bunch of money to loot box pads and handles for such an expensive tool.

I already had a Makita 9227C that I was happy with, wanted to try an “advanced” orbital. The UDOS 51E is Meh coming from that aspect. If I could return it without a 20% stocking fee hit I would. Should have bought something else.
ProsPowerful Multi-tool
ConsExpensive No Accessories