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KeySmart Rugged Compact Key Holder - Black

KeySmart Rugged Compact Key Holder - BlackCompact, quiet, and sits on your belt perfectly!

KeySmart Rugged Compact Key Holder transforms your bulky mess of existing keys into a compact key holder. With the KeySmart Compact Key Holder you can eliminate the noisy, messy, big, and bulky group of keys that you carry around on a daily basis. The KeySmart Compact Key Holder is the perfect solution to organizing your keys and keeping your pocket noise- and pain-free!

We bet you've never thought much about your keys. You know the big, bulky, noisy, and painful mess that you carry with you every day. The KeySmart Rugged Compact Key Holder fits perfectly in your pocket, is customizable with accessories, and organizes your keys without without any fuss. Your keys will be transformed into a swiss-style key holder designed so that you only have to pull out one key at a time to find the key you need easily.

The KeySmart Rugged Compact Key Holder provides easy access for up to 14 of your existing keys and includes a loop pieces that allows you to attach your car fob. The KeySmart Rugged Compact Key Holder is built to endure anything life throws at it. The aircraft grade aluminum plates are thicker than the original KeySmart Compact Key Holder and includes a slot for the removable pocket clip. And with the included bottle opener, you'll always be ready for happy hour.

Directions for Use:
Place the back plate down so the posts are facing up towards you.
Stack your keys on one post, making sure that they keys face inward.
Secure the stack with a screw, tightening the screw on the first side.
Follow the same instructions for the opposite side.
Pull out only the key that you need!